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Panthers Smash Martin Luther, Extend Win Streak to Four

This past weekend the Greenville College Panthers defeated Martin Luther 56-6, extending their perfect record to 4-0. It was the first time since the Panthers inaugural season in 1987 that a Greenville football team has gone undefeated in their first four games. On Saturday, the 2013 Panthers showed why they think they will dethrone the original team as the best in school history.

World in Briefs (09.24.13)

United States When one is in the middle of a crime, the last thing they want is to be caught with their pants down. Anthony Jason Garcia can attest to this after a botched robbery attempt of a church gift shop in Orlando, California. After praying in the sanctuary of the church, Garcia headed toward the gift shop, grabbed the cash register, and bolted. Unfortunately for him, church maintenance director Joe Larkin was in hot pursuit. As the chase continued, Garcia’s pants did not want to be seen as an accomplice and decided to fall.

Salvaging the Costa Concordia

Written by Erik Reed. Media by Mikey Courtney. January 13, 2012: a date that all of the survivors of the Costa Concordia will never forget. 32 people met their fates after the ship ran aground off the coast of Giglio, which is off the western coast of Italy, and the liner’s captain, Francesco Schettino was arrested for manslaughter and abandoning ship.

Molasses Mishap Causes Sticky Shark Dilemma

Last Tuesday, September 10th, a leak was discovered in a pipeline in the harbor of Honolulu. 233,000 gallons of treacle, also known as molasses, rose up through the sea—causing major pollution and killing hundreds of fish, with thousands more expected to perish. The high concentration of molasses makes it difficult for the fish to breathe causing the fatalities, state health department spokeswoman Janice Okubo reported to the Associated Press.

Peaceful Solution to Syria Situation

Tensions were high last week as the United States edged close to launching a military strike on the country of Syria over reports of the government’s use of chemical weapons on civilians. Much to the relief of many people, the military strategy seems to now be taking a backseat to a more peaceful option.

Brazil and Mexico Presidents Upset Over NSA Spying

Written by Erik Reed; Media by Michael Courtney After Edward Snowden left the United States for a year’s worth of asylum in Russia, and after tensions arose between the U.S. and its two biggest Latin American allies, Brazil and Mexico, President Barack Obama has promised to probe the U.S. National Security Agency’s alleged spying on the two nations (Reuters)