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Written by Whitney Vitt. DM by Stephanie Rodriguez. Every student always looks forward to spring break because it's a time to relax away from...

Kesha’s Court Battle

Written by Tristin Campbell. Media by Courtney Murphy.   If you’re up to date on current events (or even if you’re not), odds are you’ve heard about...

Beyond the Bachelor’s – Meagan Gunn

Sometimes it’s hard to believe that I haven’t even been out of college for a year. Twelve months ago, I was stressing about essays and balancing good grades, sleep, and a social life. Now, I feel as though all I do is sleep, work, stalk Facebook, and repeat. I think part of my frustration comes from the fact that I went through several huge life changes all at once, and now everyday life feels sort of—well, mundane and monotonous.

Beyond the Bachelors: The Tara Wepking Story

Article by Tara Wepking (Previous Papyrus Editor-in-Chief).  Media by Michael Trieb In that final semester before graduation this past May, I was all about making...