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Making the Best of a Blizzard | GC Students Enjoy the...

Growing up in Montana, we often had to find ways to have fun with the snow to stay sane through our winters, which seem to last for about half the year. When I was younger, that started out as sledding and snow forts, but once high school hit, it turned into building ski jumps wherever and whenever possible.

Conversation with the Radicals

Written by Maria Koppelberger. Media added by Sean McFarland. As a part of Global Impact Week, The Office of World Missions and Outreach hosted an evening event called “Meet the Radicals” at the Burritt fire pit. The Radicals represented various mission organizations located throughout the world. Inner City Impact focuses on underprivileged youth in Chicago, Mr. and Mrs. Church work in the Middle East, Blood:Water Mission works in Africa, and Wycliffe Bible translators work all over the globe. In addition to the representatives, Christy Dashiell, Coordinator of World Missions and Outreach, several outreach-minded student leaders, and a variety of students came to join the conversation. Nathan Hood, President of GCSA, got a fire started in the fire pit, Christy brought drinks from Jo’s, and we all settled in for a great time of reflecting on missions work.

A Constitution Day Challenge

I knew I was in for a treat as I gazed across the faces of the students and faculty gathered at the Fireside Chat held on the evening of Tuesday, September 17. The smell of smoke wafted through the air and fire flickered while we settled in for an intimate conversation with Dr. Theresa Holden. President Ivan Filby - dressed noticeably more casual than usual, GCSA President Nathan Hood, Dean of Students Norm Hall, and a mix of upper- and lowerclassmen were in attendance for the required Constitution Day conversation. Required?