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Senate Committee Approves Resolution for Syria Attack

Written by Andrew Baugh & media by Michael Courtney On Wednesday, September 4th, the Senate Foreign Relations Committee approved a resolution allowing President Obama to utilize a military strike on the country of Syria after reports of the government’s use of chemical weapons on civilians. The opinions of the senators were split with a final 10-7 vote, with both bipartisan support and resistance to the proposed strike (BBC).

Love and Relations Relating to Relationships: Celebrities you can ask out...

Written by Dr. Nathan W. Crews; Media by Kat Kelley. Hello Readers! I hope that everyone has their dinner reservations in place, flowers ordered, and...

Seasoned Professional Offers Insight to Public Relations Class

Written by Lauren Schwaar. On November 8th, public relations professional Melissa Erker will present a colloquium to Professor Veronica Ross's Intro to Public Relations class....