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Jams and Bops in the UU

You’ve probably noticed several changes on campus over the course of this year. New signs, new faces, new teachers, and Fresh Ideas in the...

From Sad to Fab: GU Dining Facelift

Many students returning to Greenville after a long summer break were surprised to see and taste the changes made to the food served across...

Let’s Talk About Sodexo

Written by Dylan Deppe. Media by Jon Friedman. We all know the DC (Dining Commons), right? We all eat there, right? Oh wait, we don’t....

Healthy Eating at GU

Written by Christina Bowman. Media by Momoka Murata. Students have been complaining about food options on campus long before our transition to Greenville University. Whether...

To Study or Not and Where To: That is the Question

As college students we all know we have to study to achieve good grades, the question is where to with minimal or no distractions, if that is even possible. There are places on campus and off campus conducive to the art of studying and they are: the library, Jo’s Java, Whitlock building chapel lobby, the Student Union, and McDonalds.