Let’s Talk About Sodexo

Written by Dylan Deppe. Media by Jon Friedman.

We all know the DC (Dining Commons), right? We all eat there, right? Oh wait, we don’t. The DC is up there in terms of infamy among students. While I am mostly happy with Sodexo & the Dining Commons, many, if most students, aren’t.

Sodexo has come forward with improvements over the years, but many students don’t think it’s enough. Some of the recommendations for possible changes I have might be unfair, but some of them are interesting points.

While the service that Sodexo provides is very much appreciated by some students and faculty, and their improvements over the years have helped make the student dining experience easier and better in many realms, there might still be room for improvement.

The food options they provide either can’t or won’t be eaten by all, and I don’t think there are too many students who can afford to eat at the Union, or somewhere in town, all semester long. But if any of the students really care about community, it’s very much up to them to communicate with administration and Sodexo about the problems they face and work together to try to solve the issues.

Check out this video where I interview different people for their opinion on the student meal options:




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