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50 Hour Film Festival

Next weekend, November 2nd to 4th, the Greenville College Digital Media Department will be hosting the annual 50 Hour Film Festival.  Teams of two will have fifty hours, starting at 8 pm Friday and ending 10 pm Sunday, to write, shoot, edit, and submit their video.  The videos will be 5 to 7 minutes in length.  All other requirements will be released on the Facebook page at 8 pm on Friday November 2nd.  Thi ...

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2012 Hispanic Festival

Written by Kevin Dunne. Thursday night (October 25th), the Dining Commons turned into a bustling nexus of excitement and culture. From 5 to 7 P.M., the DC was transformed into an extremely small replica of Latin American countries, including Brazil, Costa Rica, Honduras, the Dominican Republic, Mexico, Guatemala, and Chile. The annual event was sponsored by the Inter-Cultural Affairs Board, the History/Poli ...

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Hoodies for the Homeless

Written by Kevin Dunne. Tree Of Life book service does far more than just provide Greenville College students with their textbooks for the semester; they work on several charitable projects. That’s correct:  not only does Tree Of Life supply college students with books, it also provides supplies to those in need in the Bond, Clinton, Madison and Washington counties. The Greenville College Bookstore is holdi ...

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Jorge Casas: World Traveler

Written by Kevin Dunne. Being the small college that it is, one might not expect Greenville College to be a hub of culture and activity. However, Greenville has a truly diverse and enriched campus. On a campus with active multicultural events, the Intensive English Language Program through Beida Jade Bird, and various organizations, the diversity of the faculty and staff may be overlooked. One faculty membe ...

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Upper Union Debates

Written by Hoss Dossett. Last night, all across America, televisions were tuned in to the highly anticipated debate between Vice President Joe Biden and his opponent, running for the Republicans, Paul Ryan of Wisconsin, and, with eyes and ears wide open, the audience was in for a treat. Each nominee thrust and parried, dodging accusations like the best of them and formulating their own just as deftly. NPR S ...

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Homecoming Choir Concert

Written by Joshua Webb. This Friday, October 19th marks the Greenville College Choir’s annual Homecoming Choir Concert. With the theme “Comings and Goings,” a wide variety of choral music by respected composers will be performed. Pieces of pure energy such as Todd Smith’s “Noel,” sung in the African language of Kituba, and songs of serene beauty like Paul Christiansen’s “Wondrous Love” will showcase the cho ...

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Catalyst Conference 2012

Written by Naomi Brown. Earlier this month, thirteen Greenville students traveled to Atlanta with Tim Caldwell and Dustin Fenton for the 13th Annual Catalyst Conference. Catalyst describes itself as a “gathering of young leaders, a movement of influencers and world changers who love Jesus, see things differently, and feel a burden for our generation.” At its core, Catalyst is 13,000 leaders coming together ...

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Student News Student Views

Written by: Haley Fahrner and Hoss Dossett. Here we are. It's the beginning of the school year, just a few weeks in, and most of us are settled into our routines. The Commercial Music Major over there is coming to grips with her nocturnal schedule; the History Ed. Major, on the other hand, is almost enjoying the inevitable sunrise each morning; and every one of us would kill to avoid reading another syllabu ...

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Paths that Cross

Written By: Veronica Crisler As I walk across campus from Dietzman to Marston, I find myself scanning the crowd for familiar faces. I wave hi to a few friends walking to lunch together and smile at the people I make eye contact with. And that's when it hits me. Everyone I pass has a different story, something in their life that is unique to them, separate from anyone else on campus--in the world! Sure, we a ...

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