Briner Introduces Great Jobs Project

Briner School Of Business introduces Great Jobs Project
Graphic by Taylor Neal

Written by Whitney Vitt. Media by Taylor Neal.

Great Jobs started at the beginning of the Fall 2015 semester, because two individuals realized there was a gap between Greenville College students and the business world. Suzanne Davis and Bob Fry grasped the idea that students were not understanding the business world, what jobs really entailed and what it takes to get there. The idea of Great Jobs is to find out people’s stories and what got them to where they are today through interviews.

A photo of Bob Fry

Davis shares, “The idea of Great Jobs came from someone who has a lot of experience in getting more name recognition for institutions and getting students out into the trenches to meet people and connect with people because, in business, connection really matters. It was important to get the students to hear the journey of different people in different occupations, to hear how they went from college student to where they are now, to see it’s more of a story.” Davis and Fry felt there was real value to this information regarding the students and Briner School of Business. This opportunity would lead students into having more opportunity and connection in the business world.
After the two had the idea, they knew they had to get started. One of the first students involved was Kami Suess. Suess shares her experience by stating, “Davis sent out information and let people know that there would be try outs to become an interviewer, to travel around and interview people about their jobs. Six people were then chosen to go to St. Louis for training. From there, two people were chosen to go interview another person. From that, one person was chosen to go to California to interview movie producers such as Ken Wales and Mark Joseph. California was an absolute blast and a life changing experience. Now there is a team of students involved. We are all so close and it has taken each one of us to get to where we are.”


A photo of Suzanna Davis

An interview involves a student interviewer and a student who films the interview. This provides a way for others to hear the stories of individuals, whether they are GC students or not. This project is a way for business minded individuals to hear stories of successful people and how they got to where they are. “There is something powerful about people’s testimonies. If it benefits people generally, it indirectly benefits Greenville College,” Davis adds.
The goal of Great Jobs is to get current students to continue to take this project as far as they can. This is an opportunity for students to connect and be in positions where they can meet successful people. This project has already impacted the lives of many students, Suess shares, “Great Jobs has been a life changing experience for me. I have met so many great people and made so many great connections. It has helped me discover what I am interest in for a future career. I also got to interview Dennis Spencer, who is the Vice President of a company in Washington D.C called Lagardere Unlimited. Turns out, Lagardere Unlimited is the company that I will be interning for this summer! I had no idea when I was interviewing Dennis that a once in a lifetime opportunity, such as this one, could really happen for me. The Lord has been so faithful and I am so grateful! I cannot say enough great things about Great Jobs and the opportunities it has given me.”
Great Jobs  plans to continue to increase its level of quality to keep impacting the students involved in the videos as well as anyone that watches them.


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