Campus Profile: Phi Beta Lambda

Written by Whitney Vitt. Media by Taylor Neal.

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Greenville College’s Phi Beta Lambda, PBL, chapter began in October 2015. This chapter provides students from the Briner School of Business with an opportunity to work together and connect with businesses outside of Greenville College – large or small. Vice President Malvin Hubbard states, “PBL is a national academic business fraternity for students globally. We began it on our campus in light of the formation of the new Briner School of Business. It is an outlet of support for our campus business students to learn and engage together in modern business practices through going to conferences, putting on fundraisers, building a community and establishing a lasting connection with our like-minded business students here on campus.”


Brooke McIntire
Brooke Mcintire Photo by Taylor Neal

The presidency of this newly established group recently changed at the beginning of the month. Former president of PBL Senior Brooke McIntire shares, “I was given the title of Interim President, but on Feb. 2, I handed the presidency over to Kami Suess, who both Alexa Campbell and I feel is going to be a great leader for the organization. I am excited to see where PBL goes from here, and can’t wait for current and future members to reap the benefits that can come from this great club.”
Phi Beta Lambda has been working hard to get their name known across campus. In holding an event titled the “Briner Call-a-Thon” on Feb. 10., President Kami Suess states, “The Briner Call-a-Thon was a good turn out! Probably about 30 to 40 students were there, all having a list of about 25 people to call. Therefore, I would say anywhere from 750 to 1,000 prospective students were contacted by a GC student that night encouraging them to choose GC!” The club has also been working on advertising the water drive for Flint, Michigan.


Kami Suess
Kami Suess. Photo from

Members in PBL are determined to promote their organization. McIntire shares, “We have been working on upping our social media presence by running the Briner Facebook and Twitter pages, as well as beginning a Briner Instagram.” The group is looking for ways to bring awareness to GC students on what PBL is while finding beneficial ways to fundraise. Creating a larger budget will allow this club to expand and become a more impactful resource for students in the future. Suess adds, “The long-term goals we have are to be able to use PBL as a networking tool for students seeking internship opportunities, future careers, all while expanding the Briner School of Business.”

To help build a network that expands internationally, Phi Beta Lambda is working hard to establish connections with other collegiate PhiBeta Lambda members and organizations throughout the nation. Hubbard adds, “The two major projects are Great Jobs interviews and a marketing campaign project with the local geothermal energy company in Greenville, Enertech Global LLC. We are also launching the start of our Agribusiness major and on-campus MBA programs next fall semester.”
For such a recent student-led organization, PBL is growing rapidly and constantly moving forward. There are many individuals involved in the success of PBL and this seems to be the thriving factor in their progression. The group has short-term and long-term goals that they plan to follow through within the growing process. This factor will provide deadlines for them to achieve goals that they want to accomplish. Suess says, “It is still in the growing process, but it is soon going to really take off!” If you’d like to join the Phi Beta Lambda chapter please contact Kami Suess or Malvin Hubbard.



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