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Get to Know the GU Men’s Volleyball Team

Written and media by Nick Corrigan. The GU Men's Volleyball Team has been around for three years now. In those years they have experienced success and failure. During this time they have gone 27-32. That certainly is not a bad record for a team in the early years of their program in one of the top conferences in the country. Coaches Phil Davis, Tom Ackerman, and Ivan Estevez work hard every year to add vita ...

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In Depth: Men’s and Women’s Volleyball

Written and Media by Nick Corrigan. When it comes to most co-ed sports, generally there is not a drastic difference in how they are played. For some sports such as men's and women's basketball, there are only minor differences. As for baseball and softball, there are drastic differences. They each use a completely different ball, mounds are different styles, and there are hitting approaches used on each sid ...

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Get To Know the Greenville Women’s Tennis Team

Written and Media by Ransom Cochrane. Last week, we got to know and learn all about the 2018 Men’s Tennis Team. This week, we are going hear from the women’s team. They will explain themselves and show off their unique talents. The Greenville Women's Tennis Team is another sport that is sometimes overlooked. The 2018 women’s team consists of nine women, assistant coach Lexi Baysinger, and head coach Brett B ...

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Greenville Men’s Track Finishes Fourth at NCCAA Championships

Written and Media by Mitchell Hooten The Greenville University Men's Track and Field Team competed this past weekended at the NCCAA Indoor Track and Field National Championships in Cedarville, Ohio at Cedarville University.  This year's NCCAA championship was a very highly contested competition with seventeen teams competing for the championship. The Greenville men's team finished fourth this year, after a ...

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Angler Profile: Benjamin Fouts

Written and Media by Chris Brooks. College fishing is something that not many people know about. Other bass finishing athletes and myself have been asked the question, “What is college fishing about and how did it get started?" It is sometimes hard to answer because we are not always sure how college fishing officially started, and we fish because it is simply something that we all love to do. This frequent ...

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Men’s Basketball Wins the SLIAC Tournament

Written and Media by Justin Willis. In this weekend of extraordinary events, the Greenville Panthers Men's Basketball Team came out on top as the 2018 SLIAC Conference Champions and will be heading to the NCAA Division III Tournament for the first time in school history. During this run, the Panthers had to survive two rounds of the conference tournament. They faced Westminster College in the first game. In ...

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Women’s Track and Field Face Christian Nationals

Written and Media by Dylon Niswonger. The Indoor Christian National Championships might be the most anticipated meet of the indoor season for Greenville University Track and Field athletes. After five weeks of grind, the main event of the indoor season was here. The tension was present and sleep forfeited because February 16 had arrived. Our ladies looked to accomplish what they’d trained for. As our athlet ...

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Coach Phil Davis: A Greenville Man

Written and Media by Nick Corrigan. Greenville University is home to many great coaches, each of them unique and valuable in their own ways. Head Coach of the Men's Volleyball Team, Phil Davis, is one of those that fall into that category. As a man who has been a part of the Greenville community for most of his life, he has developed a special connection. Coach Davis has been the head coach for the past two ...

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Hot Stove Gone Cold?

Written and Media by Anthony Stephenson. November 1, 2017, at approximately 11:59 P.M., the last pitch of the 2017 Major League Baseball season was thrown as the Houston Astros won the World Series. This marked the end, yet the beginning of the 2018 season. The teams that did not make the playoffs have already been looking at the pending free agents and their payroll flexibility to see what free agents can ...

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