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LetsBeReal Episode 8: Music

The Real Crew (Swade Edwards, Eric Williams, Coleton Gensler) talk about their favorite music and favorite artists! https://soundcloud.com/user-269284460/letsbereal-episode-8-music

More Than Just a Station

In the age of Youtube, Spotify, and Pandora, many previously-popular forms of media have either declined in usage or have simply been swallowed up...

Women’s Cross Country Faces Olivet

When the person on your left is running fast, the person on your right is running fast, the person behind you is trying to...

Teammates? More Like Family.

A healthy family practices positive communication and connects on a deeper level. Members of a tight family rank their relationships with their clan as...

Marjory Coates: From Saving Goals to Saving Lives

As the Greenville University Women's Soccer Team is in the midst of their conference games, much of their success has come from the great...

What’s the Papyrus???

When people hear the word Papyrus, they immediately wonder what the heck you are talking about. Well, let's find out what it means! Every week...

Women’s Soccer: Keeping the Ball Rolling

The Greenville University Women's Soccer Team has really made a name for themselves in the past few years, particularly last season after coming up...

Behind the Ticket: Everything You Need to Know About Campus Safety

The feeling of dread when you see a yellow piece of paper on your windshield is something every Greenville University student will experience at...

Fashion Faux Pas: Crocs

Written by Kahre Hiles. Media by Joey Unger. There is a sickness spreading across America, one we thought we had immunized against in our childhood....

Let’s Talk About Sodexo

Written by Dylan Deppe. Media by Jon Friedman. We all know the DC (Dining Commons), right? We all eat there, right? Oh wait, we don’t....