What’s the Papyrus???

Media by Bre Pollitt.

When people hear the word Papyrus, they immediately wonder what the heck you are talking about. Well, let’s find out what it means!

Every week a large group of brilliant writers, photographers, and editors come together to make sure that every important and exciting topic is being covered across the entire campus. There are seven different groups of people who cover different things going on around campus. The sections are Campus, Entertainment, Faith, Facebook Live, Feature, Opinion, and Sports. When the groups get together each week, they discuss what topics to cover for the week and brainstorm the title, content, and the type of media that will be used.

Media by Miranda Coffee.

The Papyrus is more than just a great experience for students to prepare for future careers and to inform students, faculty, and staff on campus about things going on. The Papyrus is also an excellent way for past alumni to keep tabs on news at Greenville University. This newspaper is a good way for students to express themselves through writing or digital media. Another great thing about the Papyrus is that parents can see what their kids are up to since they are away from home.

This class is a combination of three different classes which are Digital Integration Experience, Newspaper Production, and Online Journalism who all meet together in the Digital Media Center. The mixture of students with different knowledge and strengths makes this class beneficial for those who are interested in careers that are involved with covering news through writing, photography, video, social media, and other skills. The Papyrus covers all the news through various forms of media including articles, facebook live videos, podcasts, and much more.

Media by Ryan Nelson.

To ensure that all content is top notch and perfect before being officially published to Greenville University’s Papyrus website, the articles go through several stages. Once the writer has finished typing their article they then send their article to the digital journalist who is responsible for adding all of the pictures to the article. This person is also responsible for creating hyperlinks for important terms in each article and they also have to create hashtags based on the content of the article. Then in the next step, the draft article is sent to the head editor of your news section. Once your editor approves the article, it is then sent to the Chief editors who decide whether or not to publish your article for that week.

Then every week we meet, we check out the results from each article to see who had the most views on the papyrus website, how often it was shared and seen on Facebook, who tweeted it the most, and other stats. Whoever scores highest in each category, gets a prize!


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