Abortion: Why It’s Wrong

Written by Justin Mulholland.

Abortion is a topic that is being debated intensely all over the United States right now. People are choosing sides and taking stands like never before. Abortion is a very serious topic because it involves the health of an unborn baby and the health of the woman who is choosing whether to have an abortion or to keep the baby. Unfortunately, the country is divided on this topic because of what the political parties say.

One party says that abortions are wrong and should not be allowed at all, while the other party says that abortions should be  up to the mother and that the mother has a right to an abortion if she wants to have one. I believe that abortion is wrong and should never be done because children are one of the most precious things we have on this great big earth. Children bring people much joy and happiness. Also, the Bible says that God created us in our mothers’ wombs and knows us intimately, like no other (Psalm 139:13). He knows how many hairs are on our heads before we are even born (Luke 12:7). Before a child is born, there is already a God who will love the child unconditionally. We should let that child learn of the love it has received and will always receive.

Barack Obama on the issue of abortion. (Click for larger view)
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I think that all of the politicians should think about their childhood and think about what it would be like if they were aborted and were not alive. By aborting a child, we will never realize what potential the child had or what a bright future the child had. Children need to be born so we can love them and guide them and help them realize their potential, which could be unlimited if it were not for abortions. Some people believe that abortion is okay if the cause of pregnancy is rape or incest, but I still hold firm of my belief of no abortions. It is my opinion that there is good in all people and someone will come along and find the baby in need and take care of that baby, whether by adoption or by other means. This means that people will need to be on the lookout for children born into poverty or under unfortunate circumstances so that they can help out.

I believe that abortions should not be allowed because children are loved by an almighty God, because children bring joy to people, and because I want to see them grow and develop their potential to be someone great.

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  1. not a fan of this title or the fact that a male is writing an article about abortion. unless i’m wrong and this ‘justin’ has a uterus i feel like this is mainly a woman’s topic to scrutinize. honestly, i don’t think it matters if he thinks girls shouldn’t have the choice of abortion in the circumstance of rape or incest, since he will never have to deal with that decision.

    • Tyler,
      So for you, abortion is more like a woman getting a haircut than the termination of a human life. For people who believe it is the latter, it is a topic of grave moral concern and independent of gender. If you don’t recognize the sanctity of life, it is just a personal female reproductive maintenance issue. People of this belief have been using the hyped-up term “War on Women” and vilifying males who have the courage to speak to their beliefs, even though an abortion does not affect them physically. These men are not harboring hate and crusading against women. They are fighting to save the lives of unborn children! Supporters of abortion even created the term “Pro-Choice” to purposely distract people from understanding the violent act that abortion truly is. Maybe Pro-Life folks should start using the term “War on Women…and Men” when they refer to abortion as it kills both sexes. Now, nothing I say here implies that unwanted pregnancies are any easier with which to deal, especially in the cases where the pregnancy was the result of forced rape. These circumstances are unfathomably difficult and imperfect. But the point here is that the unborn children are also victims, but they have no voice, no vote and no chance, unless people, both women and men, stand up for them. We should all be profoundly grateful that our mothers decided to bring us into the world and that they did not just perform a little female reproductive maintenance on us.

  2. Thanks for the great article. I hate abortion and can’t understand how someone can support it. Just thought I would point out that the scripture in Psalm that you quoted is incorrect. Maybe just a typo, but the correct scripture is Psalm 139:13, not 129.

  3. Do you realize that there are over 500,000 children who are orphans? Every 3 seconds a child in this world becomes an orphan, and every 2 second a child in this world is phased out of a foster care system or an orphanage. While infants (up to 12 months old) are likely to be adopted, the older a child gets, the less likely their chances are of getting adopted. People throw out this option so flippantly sometimes, without realizing how difficult the process is. A couple wanting to adopt a child can wait years before they actually get placed with a child.

    • So why don’t we just kill all of the orphans? They are a burden on society, probably won’t have a high quality life, and are really inconvenient.

  4. Also, I should add that the reason I know all of this is because adoption is something near and dear to my heart. I was adopted when I was three years old. In fact, it was 21 years ago today that my mom and dad brought me home from the orphanage. I know the lengths they went to in order to adopt me, and I know how blessed I am to have actually been adopted.


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