Vista Review

Written by Hoss Dossett.

Remember remembering high school, maybe even junior high and elementary, after looking through some tattered yearbooks?


Not very many people do – at least, anymore. In this day and age, our memories are easily retrieved after a quick peruse through the social media universe and, consequently, yearbooks are becoming more and more obsolete.

It is for this very reason (and probably several more) that the very fine people in charge of publications on our campus have decided to do away with the Greenville College Vista Yearbook. The Vista is no more . . . long live the Vista!

Indeed, the yearbook is gone, but the name carries on. To be launched and released this Wednesday (get your FREE copy in the Krober Room during lunch, from 11:00 am. – 1:30 pm.) the Vista is a student produced magazine that utilizes all the catching eye-lines and colorful quote boxes that contemporary magazines have to offer. Beautifully designed, the Vista is much a joy to look at – yes, simply fascinating to gaze upon – as it is to read. Of course, the articles are intriguing and eloquent as well (not to mention downright humorous at times).

Take, for example, the blurb about growing lettuce from Union trash; or an article about the Christian call to fair trade; even insights into the testimonies of tattoos. Each of these articles, as well as the rest of the fine work spread across the pages of the Vista, is a message indicative of the values of Greenville College culture. They are the results of many hours of introspection – of the time spent by students eager to leave a mark, and have a say. Timeless in the sense of the values they honor (being articles written from a hopefully consistent Christian perspective) the Vista articles are still dated, offering us tidbits of reminiscence.

So, maybe those of us that tend towards the nostalgic need not wallow in despair quite yet: the Vista is still a student publication. It is still imaginative, artistic, and insightful.

It will still be a thing to be picked up and flipped through in the years to come.

All of this is due to the hard work of Wes Bergen (Content Editor), Amanda Richardson (Visual Editor), Logan Shaw (Art Director), and all of inaugural Vista staff (Kristin Minshall, Andrew Schreiber, Joe Kam, Alex Brandt, Jessica Bolin, Matthew Harper, Beth Watkins, Maggie McMurtrey, Andrew Baugh, and Patrick Brown). Of course, the Vista would not be what it is now without the guiding minds of Jessa Wilcoxen (Design Advisor) and Alexandria LaFaye (Writing Advisor).

(After you pick up your copy, send the yearbook staff your feedback here.)

Photo by Jessa Wilcoxen


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