World in Briefs (12.11.12)

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Written by Kevin Dunne.

United States

The news of Hostess’ imminent foreclosure saddened millions of cholesterol-clogged hearts and sent an ache in the sweet tooth of people around the world. People panicked when they were informed that they could no longer consume such sweet treats like Zingers or Sno Balls. Not all of Hostess’ tasty treats have been lost to us because of outrageously priced bidding wars on Ebay and a restaurant in Orland Park, IL, that is giving away Twinkies for free. The restaurant, Baby’s Cheesesteak & Lemonade, had over 12,000 of the delicious, golden snacks, and with every purchase, customers were given Twinkees. Not surprisingly enough, half of the supply was exhausted on the first day.

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North Korea

The reclusive country of North Korea may embody George Orwell’s classic novel, 1984, but every so often, it offers the rest of the world a good laugh or two. Last week, scientists released the unbelievable news that unicorns, that were once supposed to be thought mythical, actually exist. The words ‘Unicorn Lair’ were carved in stone outside a cave which is believed to date back to the Koryo Kingdom and was said to be the den of the formerly fabled beast. Combine this news with the fact that Kim Jong Il was supposedly born under a double rainbow and the validity of the discovery is totally irrefutable.


South Korea

While its crazy neighbor has been tracking down unicorn lairs, South Korea has focused its resources on less crappy ideas. The Toilet Culture Park in Suwon, South Korea was created to honor Sim Jae-duck, founder of an organization to spread hygienic toilets around the world. The centerpiece of the park is a toilet museum, aptly shaped like a toilet. Several toilet-themed sculptures and fountains are spread throughout the park and some have even called the park the ‘mecca of toilet culture.’

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One whiff of Pizza Hut’s newest product and you’ll think you’ve died and gone to heaven–that is, if you are lucky enough to own it. Only 100 bottles of the mediocre company’s pizza scented perfume were given away after the idea, which started out as a Facebook joke, was widely received. The lucky few who wish to smell like cheese and dough can now do so, free from guilt or shame.

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