Greenville Community Garden Initiative: Fresh Produce on Campus??

Article by Kristi Reindl. Media by Bri Phillips

Fresh produce is so delectable!  Crisp veggies and juicy fruit add such color to the dinner plate and have a savory taste.  It’s so…well, fresh.  Maybe you’ve heard rumors of a garden on campus; if so, you’ve heard right!  Greenville College does indeed have a garden in progress.

Photo by Bri
Photo by Bri

Though originally started by a COR 401 group last semester, students are continuing this insightful addition to campus.  When the COR 401 topic of “Abundance and Need” was announced, a number of students had the idea that a community garden would be beneficial.  It would not only bring the college students and city of Greenville together, but also provide a steady source of fresh produce – something we’re in need of.

The most pressing call for a garden was the lack of produce in the local food pantry and that many aren’t necessarily sure what to do with fresh vegetables.  It’s also apparent that many people don’t really know where their food comes from, which leads to exploitation of resources.  The students hope to address these issues, even if it’s in a small way.

As such, the group immersed themselves in research last semester, applied for some grants, and eventually acquired a space of land next to the tennis courts on campus.  So far, the current COR 401 group taking care of the garden has held two work days.  Anyone is welcome to come and help out, so grab a friend and pull on your work boots if you like getting your hands dirty.  Four beds have been raised thus far, and there are plans to construct two more. Tasks to accomplish include the tidying of the path from Dietzman to the garden, transplanting seedlings held in the greenhouse, and watering plants.  There is much to do!  More work days are bound to happen, though none have been scheduled yet; keep your eyes and ears open for those dates.

Sound interesting to you?  Though not yet official, there is a club taking shape for those interested in helping out.  They are encouraging

Photo by Bri
Photo by Bri

others to join so they’re aware of the project and what’s needed in the future.  The current COR group working in the garden plans to continue for the remainder of their time at Greenville College.  However, the rest of their project is ensuring the future by contacting people who will be in COR 401 or finding someone else who is in the club to take on a leadership role to organize gardeners for the following years.

If you are interested in joining and caring for the garden, ou can contact Jeff Langley, Jennifer Carter, Matt Cowman, Hannah Groves, or Corinne Coon.  They will be presenting plenty more information in their presentation on Common Day of Learning and would love to have more people join!



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