Autism and Technology

Article by Erik Reed. Media by James Menk.

(DISCLAIMER: The views from this writer, who has autism, are not necessarily reflective of all people who have a condition within the autism spectrum.)

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I have a pet peeve regarding cell phones: people texting on cell phones when someone is passing by and the one who texts does not ever look up to say “hello” or even acknowledge the other person. Personally, I have a cell phone, love having it, but the main meat of this article will lead toward: DO NOT BE SO ABSORBED BY TECHNOLOGY THAT OTHER STUDENTS/FACULTY ARE INVISIBLE TO YOU!

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Autistic boy and cell phone texts: I would guess about 95-99% of people who happen to text on cell phones when I pass by, whether I know them or not, seem to be absorbed. When I mean “absorbed,” I mean “TOO BUSY TO CARE WHO’S AROUND YOU FOR A HOT 2-3 SECONDS!” Just like texting while driving will destroy many lives, this will be the destruction of establishing new relationships if we do not get out of comfort zones and stay dedicated (at least at Greenville College) to building meaningful, long-term relationships.

If you can balance your cell phone texts while waiting for something/someone else and engage in conversation and be interested in talking to someone (who also has time to spare), you might make a new friend or many new friends. I can say this, because I do not usually like to text.

Demolition Man (1995) V.S. Gran Theft Auto 5 (2013) media by and

Autistic boy and technology use: This writer is continually amazed with how fast new and improved technologies are coming out, but many of them seem too complicated for me to use. Examples would probably include Blackberries, GPS systems, etc. If this was 1995, things would seemingly have been simpler: Cell phones were not as small as they are today, Internet was not around in its full glory, video games were not as brightly enhanced as today, etc.

Remember this next time you text, make sure you are not insulting or alienating anyone, anywhere in public by texts that may or may not be pointless and seemingly important. Say “hello” and you MIGHT eventually make a new friend.




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