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Putting The Phone Down For Once

Cell phones are one of the most advanced technologies people have ever had. A cell phone can be a replacement for many things, such...

Kids and Technology

I remember when I got my first cell phone. I was a freshman in high school, and the reason my parents bought it for me was because I was in the school musical and I kept using a friend's cell phone to let them know when I needed to be picked up from practice and stuff. So, they got me my first cell phone. It was a small flip phone that only had texting and calling, no camera or anything. And it was good! That's all I needed it for. Eventually (my sophmore year in college), I got a smartphone - an iPhone, woo!

Autism and Technology

have a pet peeve regarding cell phones: people texting on cell phones when someone is passing by and you (as the one who texts) does not every look up to say “hello” or even acknowledge them. Personally, I have a cell phone, love having it, but the main meat of this will lead toward: DO NOT BE TO ABSORBED BY TECHNOLOGY THAT OTHER STUDENTS/FACULTY ARE INVISIBLE TO YOU!