DC Food: Why We Love Breakfast!

By James Menk.

Written by Erik Reed. Media by James Menk.

What makes the food, especially breakfast in Armington Dining Commons, delectable and makes you want to come back for more? Could it be the sausage? The hash brown potatoes? Eggs? Yogurt or fruit? Whatever it is, it sure brings a smile to my face, at least. Whether you are waking up or coming from athletic practice, or in my case, coming from the WGRN Radio Station around 7:30 a.m. Tuesdays and Thursdays, you know you are going to see friendly faces and delicious food. Oh, did I mention there are not too many people in the DC at that time of day yet?


I do not mean this to be a review, but it could be a review, depending on how you look at this article. I usually get 1/3 eggs, 1/3 potatoes and 1/3 sausage (sometimes the DC has bacon or corned beef hash!) on my plate about three times and 2-3 glasses of sweet tea. Sometimes I get the scones, streusel or donuts and they are very sweet. They also have waffle irons if you want to make waffles, and cereal in the large containers that require you to turn the large spiral handles.

The woman behind the counter, her name is Chris, and she has a happy disposition and attitude, making students feel welcome in the morning, which is relieving and what I wish more people were like. The world would be a much better place if we all had sunny dispositions and attitudes.

I usually get about three plates of food, a couple of glasses of tea, stay for about 30 minutes total before heading the to Library, and while eating, I read the Wall Street Journal. Folks, the copies of the Wall Street Journal as you are coming in the DC are free! My favorite part: News!

Back to the food: My favorite food served during breakfast is: potatoes! Yes, if you did not guess, I am a bit Irish and you can never get too much of hash browns. Why, I remember when I attended Kaskaskia College near Centralia, Illinois, that many times I would purchase 4 hash browns. That is how good they were. Now all you have to do is be on the meal plan and you can get as much food as you can bear to eat.
My concluding statements are: take at least one day of the work week to eat breakfast in the DC and if you think the food is good, whether a morning regular or not, take the time to thank any of the staff! Have a good day!


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