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What did the DC do Wrong?

By: Yuena Tong, Dustin Konvalinka, Hanbo Yi https://youtu.be/uCzJsYduGgI

From Sad to Fab: GU Dining Facelift

Many students returning to Greenville after a long summer break were surprised to see and taste the changes made to the food served across...

Battle of the Food: DC vs. Union

Written by Zack Silvas. Media by Whitney Nichols. On campus, you have two options to go to eat: the Dining Commons or the Union. With...

GU Students Host Hispanic Festival In the Dining Commons

Written by Isiah Price. Media by Momoka Murata. On Thursday, October 12, Professor Richard Huston’s Latin American Studies class hosted a Hispanic Festival in the...

Healthy Eating at GU

Written by Christina Bowman. Media by Momoka Murata. Students have been complaining about food options on campus long before our transition to Greenville University. Whether...

Do We Need an Early Closing?

Written by Kathleen Malone. Media by Kelsey Middleton. It has recently come to my attention that the Dining Commons at Greenville University seems to be...

The Simple Room Trivia Night

Written by Tabitha Rice. Media by Taylor Neal. Family, friends, snacks, silent auctions, 50/50 raffles, trivia, Jake Amundson... What more could you ask for on...

Sodexo: DC History & Improvements

Written by Whitney Vitt. Media by Taylor Neal. Are you a student, faculty member, Greenville resident or GC alum? Have you experienced the food in...

Fighting the Freshman Fifteen

“He ended up gaining the freshman fifteen.” These are words no college student wants to hear or experience. It’s something that our parents and friends warn us about right before giving us a pat on the back and sending us off to college. It’s something that freshmen don’t want to believe to be true until they look in the mirror or on a scale and start to see a difference.

Behind the Scenes With the DC

Written by: Lauren Buser | Media by: Thomas Hajny When the day is done and your stomach is calling, the Dining Commons is always...