Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate Review: Why Monster Hunter?

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Written by Logan Welliver. Media by Miles Priester.

Some games aim to please every demographic, others fail to attract anybody, but the best games target people who do nothing else but game. If you fit into that last group I described, then Monster Hunter is the game for you. Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate is a game of infinite frustration and satisfaction, from the first to the last hunt. I had first heard of Monster Hunter when I was scouring the internet for game cheats and it just so happened that advertisements for Monster Hunter Tri plagued every website I visited. I soon forgot about the franchise, but several years later I was reintroduced through my roommate and needless to say, I’m addicted. Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate for the Nintendo 3DS and Wii U is an upgraded, and much more fleshed out version of Monster Hunter Tri for the Nintendo Wii.

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Monster Hunter starts out fairly slow, with each quest being very mundane and uninteresting, but once the player can conquer “the tutorial” then the game sails after that. This monster of an action/RPG involves 12 different weapons classes that suit all different types of gameplay styles. I would suggest you pick a few to try them out. Quests range from fighting many small minions to monsters that are easily 10 times bigger than any hunter. There is a large difficulty curve that new players must get past to fully enjoy the game because the actual tutorial is very sparse and even then only covers a small portion of the actual game content. But once this is past, you feel like a master. The game is very fast-paced and requires quick thinking to defeat even the measliest of monsters. Monster Hunter is not for the faint of heart.

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Design and Presentation

If you’re looking for a graphical, HD marvel, then you’re in the wrong place. It doesn’t look bad by any standards, but it doesn’t look good. It is of course a technical port of a Wii game onto another console. Instead the game makes up for lack of pixels in design. The areas and hunting grounds in which you battle are extremely functional, although I do wish for more openness sometimes. The monsters are beyond pretty in the way they move and in their uniqueness from one another. Every monster is a different experience from the last monster. The game is beautiful in its own way, not to mention the magnificent CGI cut scenes that are dispersed throughout the game.


This game may not be for everyone, but for the people that will enjoy it, I pray for your continued functionality within society because it might disappear if you begin your journey with Monster Hunter. From the unrealistically big battles to an all too large difficulty curve, Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate is a game that only champions can conquer. Now it must be said that I abhor traditional “scores” for games; I believe that they can limit the perception of a game. So instead of receiving an 8 out of 10, this game deserves something better.

Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate at least deserves a gamer’s attention, if not many hours and days of your time. I have the utmost respect for the franchise, and while the game does feel limiting at times, I feel as if the potential for the franchise to grow is colossal.


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