Pokemon Story: Ash’s Travels Through Kanto and Johto Part 1

Written by Erik Reed. Media by Fallyn Paruleski.

Hello, all! Many of you may remember from 1998 through 2001 in the United States, Pokémon Red and Blue, Yellow, Gold and Silver and Crystal were released to the public as part of the franchise frenzy. My video game story, called Ash’s Travels through Kanto and Johto, will give my summarized version on how the video games should have been from the Generation I (Red, Blue and Yellow) perspective. So here is part 1 of 2!

Image from http://www.smashbros.com
Image from http://www.smashbros.com

10-year old Ash Ketchum says good-bye to his mother and leaves his house in Pallet Town. He goes to Professor Oak to start his journey to “catch ‘em all” and be the champion of the Indigo League. He receives an unruly Pikachu as his first Pokémon and defeats Gary Oak in Oak’s Lab. Ash walks through Route 1 to go get supplies in Viridian City and receives a parcel for Oak at the town mart. Ash and Gary later receive their Pokédexes from Oak and head off, but not before Ash stops by Gary’s house and picks up a Town Map (a map of the region of Kanto) from the former’s sister.

Ash defeats Gary as a warm-up on Route 22, which leads to the Pokémon League. Ash later passes through the Viridian Forest, north of Route 2. While in the forest, he defeats all of the Bug Catchers to go to Pewter City. Ash defeats gym leader Brock for Boulderbadge and advances to Cerulean City. He defeats Hikers, Lasses, and Jr. Trainers and comes to Mt. Moon. There, he meets the nefarious Team Rocket, whose goal is to profit off of stolen Pokémon. He defeats them and then shares a fossil with a Pokémaniac (trainers obsessed with collecting certain kinds of Pokémon).

Ash later defeats Misty of Cerulean Gym for Cascadebadge, and defeats Gary on Route 24 on his way to Pokémaniac Bill’s (the inventor of the PC Storage System used in Pokémon Centers) House. He defeats a plethora of trainers on his way. He helps Bill rectify a mess-up in one of the former’s projects and receives a SS Ticket for the S.S. Anne. Ash then makes his way to Vermillion City, defeats a few trainers on the way, arrives in Vermilion and checks the port city out. Ash receives a Bike Voucher from one of the residents, heads back to Cerulean to get a Bicycle and later visits the S.S. Anne. He defeats the Gentlemen, sailors, etc. in addition to Gary. Ash receives HM01 (Cut) from an ill captain and as soon as he steps off of the S.S. Anne, and it goes off from Kanto. Ash takes a small journey through Diglett’s Cave to Route 2 to receive HM 05 (Flash).

Ash defeats Vermilion’s Lt. Surge, “The Lightning American,” for Thuderbadge and defeats various trainers on Route 11. Ash then travels through Routes 9 and 10, through the Rock Tunnel, defeating many Pokémaniacs and Hikers and comes to Lavender Town. Ash heads for Celadon City, defeats Erika for the Rainbowbadge and defeats Team Rocket in the Game Corner (Pokémon version of casinos) basement and receives Silph Scope (used to identify ghost Pokémon). Ash also receives a Coin Case from a broke Gambler. Ash defeats Gary, Team Rocket holding the kind, compassionate Mr. Fuji hostage and identifies the ghost as a Marowak the Rockets killed.

Image from www.http://images.wikia.com.
Image from www.http://images.wikia.com.

Ash returns with Mr. Fuji to his house and obtains a Poké Flute (for waking up sleeping Pokémon). Ash then wakes two Snorlaxes (one of Route 12 and the other on Route 16). Ash decides to head to Saffron City after giving a thirsty guard a drink to share with the other guards. He discovers that the town is under attack by Team Rocket, so he eventually defeats the multitude of Rocket Grunts and Scientists in Silph Co. (the company that made the Silph Scope). Ash defeats Gary and then Rocket Boss Giovanni. The Silph president then rewards Ash with a Master Ball (catches any Pokémon without fail). Ash later defeats Sabrina of Saffron Gym for the Marshbadge.

Ash also receives HM02 (Fly) from a celebrity in hiding and defeats the Bikers on Cycling Road (Routes 16, 17 and 18). Ash then travels through Routes 12, 13, 14 and 15 and defeats many trainers. Now, we are at Fuchsia City. Ash helps the Safari Zone Warden find his Gold Teeth while traveling through the wild terrain (also receives HM03 [Surf] in the process) and receives HM 04 (Strength). Ash defeats ninja master Koga for Soulbadge. and Ash travels to Seafoam Islands and the Power Plant (on Route) and captures Articuno and Zapdos, respectively. Ash then heads toward Cinnabar Island from Pallet Town, defeats the Swimmers on Routes 19, 20 and 21 and explores the Pokémon Mansion.

Ash later defeats the hot-headed Blaine for Volcanobadge and travels back to Viridian for some unfinished business before vying for Pokémon League Champion… DEFEAT GIOVANNI. Ash later defeats the Team Rocket leader (which blew many people away upon learning that) and defeats Gary a final time before showing the Pokémon League guards the 8 badges. Ash nervously makes his way to Victory Road, trying to persevere against the Cooltrainers. Ash arrives at the Indigo Plateau, confidently as he will ever be, walks to the PL headquarters, gets his supplies, heals his Pokémon, and then defeats the Elite Four in this order…

Lorelei (Ice-type), Bruno (Fighting-type), Agatha (Ghost-type), and Lance (Dragon-type). Ash defeated the Elite 4, but oh, no, what’s this?! HE HAS ONE MORE TRAINER LEFT? OH, NO, CAN IT BE!! IT’S GARY! Ash fights to the death against Gary and his Pokémon and barely makes it out alive. ASH IS THE NEW POKÉMON LEAGUE CHAMPION!!!!!! All of Kanto is celebrating (except Gary)! Now Ash can rest after he captures Mewtwo in Cerulean Cave and Mew. He has 151 Pokémon. Everything is good, right? Not so fast, because Prof. Oak asks Ash to go to the neighboring region of……(To be continued).


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