GC Speaks: Stop Being Nosy, America

Written by Breanna Johnson. Media and Photos by Fallyn Paruleski.

Is America betraying their friends’ trust by spying on them? Germany has called out America for eavesdropping on their Chancellor, Angela Merkel. Maybe America is spying because they feel they’re allies are doing the same thing behind their backs, or America just wants to be prepared in case another country decides to go to ambush and go to war? Who really knows why America doesn’t seem to trust the people that are on their side, and although it may be for right reasons, it wouldn’t be wise for America to betray all of their friends trust, because we may not get it back. Former President George W. Bush was accused of spying on Europe, and it’s been said that Obama has tried to reconcile with them. Although America may not be causing any of their friends harm, it doesn’t seem to be sitting well with other countries that are on their side.

Is America betraying their friends’ trust by spying on them?


“Yes, for safety purposes and just in case they need to know if the others are plotting something against them.”

– Kenneth Logans, Sophomore

 IMG_1006 copy

“Yes, not that’s it right but I’m sure our allies spy on us as well.”

– Marcia Freeman, Freshman


“We shouldn’t spy unless we’re getting ready for war or for a another urgent reason”

 – Tyler Kohrs, Sophomore


“Yes, for safety purposes, but they shouldn’t do it to where their allies lose their trust.”

 – Kylie Edwards, Senior



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