Sweaterz: A fashionable, seasonal personality test

Media by Denee Menghini
Media by Denee Menghini
Media by Denee Menghini

Quiz and media by Denee Menghini

‘Tis the season for sweaters!  As the temperatures continue to drop, the need for a great sweater increases.  A little known fact, though, is that a sweater can say a lot about one’s personality.  Because of this fact, the Papyrus has created for you all a little quiz to tell you what type of sweater best fits your personality.

1.) When did you start listening to Christmas music this year?

a. I only listen to traditional carols and I only listen to them during the seven days of epiphany after Christmas.  Prior to that I listen to Advent music.

b. Start? I never stopped!

c. The day after Thanksgiving

d. Uh, I guess I might listen to Christmas music on Christmas Eve

2.) Which campus activity were/are you most likely to attend?

a. Fall Leaves Reading Night in the Library

b. Elf with the Filby’s

c. a Joyous Chaos improv show

d. None, I hate leaving my dorm

3.) Your holiday shopping strategy is…

a. Make a list. Find items on list at several retailers. Research and compare prices. Utilize any deals on shipping. Order/purchase approximately three weeks before Christmas, allowing plenty of time for wrapping and necessary exchanges.

b. Go Black Friday shopping like there’s no tomorrow.

c. A mixture of online shopping and browsing at the mall a time or two.

d. Shopping takes place between December 22 and 24.

4.) Which beverage would you pick?

a. coffee

b. eggnog

c. water

d. soda

5.) Which Christmas movie is your favorite?

a. A Christmas Carol (Charles Dickens is a genius)

b. There are simply too many to choose from. I can’t pick a favorite

c. Charlie Brown Christmas

d. National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation

Mostly A’s:

Media from brklyngirl.com
Media from brklyngirl.com

The cardigan with elbow patches – You are everyone’s favorite bookworm.  The ABC Family tradition of dedicating an entire weekend of December to Harry Potter may not make sense to the rest of us, but to you it’s a dream.  While everyone is dying to finish the semester and go home, you really don’t mind the last couple of weeks of academic pursuits.  Your Christmas break will most likely be spent catching up on all of that run reading you’ve been wanting to do all semester.

Media from us.riverisland.com
Media from us.riverisland.com

Mostly B’s:

Fair Isle Christmas Sweater – Ah, you are that festive friend we all know and love.  For you, Christmas is not a holiday, but instead a state of mind.  There are never enough Christmas lights, movies, parties, music, or decorations.  You have always been on Santa’s nice list, because you are practically an elf.  Christmas music started playing in October, and Christmas movies were on a week before Thanksgiving.  You honestly don’t understand why anyone would not want to start spreading Christmas cheer early, because the season only comes around once a year.

Mostly C’s:

Media from www.highsnobiety.com
Media from www.highsnobiety.com

Cabled Classic – You are moderate.  You have gone to great lengths to mark your territory in the middle ground.  You like things that make sense, but you also don’t want to overthink things.  Life is complicated enough, so you do your best to go with the flow and enjoy the ride.  Tradition is nice.  You like sensible shoes, dressing appropriately for the weather, and arriving on time if not early.


Mostly D’s:

The Hoodie – Like any good pair of sweats, you provide comfort, ease, and a healthy dose of laziness.  Between the end of the semester and all of the fuss over Christmas you just want to crawl into a hole and hibernate until after winter is over.  Until then, you will do your best to make it through the holidays, see Anchorman, and paste on a smile.



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