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Written by Madeline Kohlberg, Media by Andrea Freeman


I don’t know quite what I was expecting, but biting into an Oreo and getting the experience of a Rice Krispie treat is strangely fulfilling.  I opened my package of Oreos expecting to smell… well, Oreos.  But what do I detect instead?

Marshmallow crispy Oreos.  Rice Krispie treats disguised as Oreos.  Woah.

Overall, there really isn’t a whole lot of flavor in the cookie as a whole.  You’ve got the golden Oreo cookie with your standard frosting, so it’s a whole lot of sweet.  But the little pieces of puffed rice cereal pressed into the frosting are what really make this special.  The pieces are pretty small, so that they don’t overwhelm you when you take a bite.  The cereal gives you a nice texture, the taste is mild, and you get that iconic “snap, crackle, pop” that we all know and love.  I found that it was more enjoyable to take the cookies apart and eat cookie, frosting, cookie so that I had more of an experience when tasting the cereal.  In fact, I would have loved to see considerably more rice cereal inside; less frosting, more cereal!

I was rather amazed to discover that Nabisco essentially took the marshmallow treat from our school lunches and certainly piled on the calories.  Two of these babies add up to a whopping 140 calories, way more than if you just ate the krispie treat by itself.  I certainly can’t fault Nabisco for the flavor and the ingenuity when it comes to marketing a product based on a familiar dessert, but goodness gracious.  Seems like it’d be simpler to just eat a regular Rice Krispie treat!  I could have more for the same amount of calories!

All things considered, these were a rather tasty snack.  But I think that I have to conclude that Double Stuf remains my favorite.  Lots of chocolate, lots of frosting… It just doesn’t get much better than that.

**Note: The Papyrus deeply wanted to review the new Cookie Dough Oreo’s. Unfortunately they were not available in a store near us. Stay tuned for information about upcoming demonstrations to protest this injustice.

Media By Andrea Freeman
Media By Andrea Freeman


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