The Olympic Spirit: Which Sport Fits Your Personality?

Media by Denee Menghini
Media by Denee Menghini
Media by Denee Menghini

Written by The Papyrus Editors, Media by Denee Menghini

There is an epidemic spreading across Greenville’s campus.  If Twitter is any indication, the student body of Greenville College has caught a mean case of Olympic fever.  In light of this development, the Papyrus has come up with a way for you to take ownership of your Olympic fever. You guessed it! We have a personality quiz for you. Just five easy questions and you’ll know which Olympic sport best fits your personality.

1.) Which of the following is your favorite GC professor?

a. Bob Johnson

b. Jake Amundson

c.  Veronica Ross

d. Jack Chism

2.) What is your preferred style of footwear?

a. Heelys

b. Bowling Shoes

c. High Heels

d. Crocs

3.) A startling moment occurs. What do you exclaim?

a. “@#$*!”

b. “Jeepers creepers!”

c. “I do declare, that was quite a fright!”

d. “Oh.”

4.) Where would you most like to live?

a. Salt Lake City

b. Norway

c. Michigan

d. Southern Illinois

5.) What is your favorite kind of bird?

a. Hawk

b. Kiwi

c. Swan

d. Swallow


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Mostly A’s – Skeleton

Clearly you are the daredevil among us.  Sliding down an ice tube at 80 plus miles per hour face first may sound crazy to most folks, but not to you.  You live life in the fast lane and never run out of energy.  Sometimes your adrenaline leads you to some poor decisions, but that’s alright. In skeleton there are always more runs!






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Mostly B’s – Curling

This beloved winter Olympic sport is for all those souls who have ever been described as “quirky.”  Pushing a rock down an ice rink with brooms into a bulls eye sounds kind of ridiculous.  Maybe because it is.  Or maybe it is a sport for you, the slightly ridiculous one.  If the sport itself is not enough, the uniforms can be rather out of the ordinary as well (see picture).






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Mostly C’s – Figure Skating

Grace.  Beauty.  Poise.  Figure skating is all about embodying the role of the ice prince or princess.  This event is full of sparkly costumes, classical music, and beautiful moves.  Figure skating is the sport for the more refined among us.






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Mostly D’s – Cross-Country Skiing

If you have ever tried to watch cross-country skiing you know that it is essentially two hours of athletes ski/walking through kilometers of snow.  There’s really nothing flashy about this event, but it takes an individual who is not easily

bored.  Thrill seekers need not apply. Cross-country skiing is perfect for those who believe that slow and steady wins the race.


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