Masaya: Reflections of Nicaragua

Photo by Shannon Geary

Written by Isaac Barber. Media by Shannon Geary.

Photo by Shannon Geary

Reflections of Nicaragua was a great event, as it displayed much of the beauty, history, and culture of Nicaragua. Fallyn Parulesky and Kat Kelly did a phenomenal job presenting this. Part of their involvement in the classroom experience was to capture the Nicaragua Interterm experience. The Reflections of Nicaragua showed off all of their hard work. Their creative minds were definitely on display for everyone to see and enjoy.

Along with the gallery show, people that came had an opportunity to get a taste of Nicaragua. The moment a person walked into the gallery, they had the opportunity to have pinto de gallo (rice and beans), one of the most popular dishes of Nicaragua. Another crowd favorite were the famous Fried Plantains, amongst other really great and well prepared dishes and fruits.

Photo by Shannon Geary

During the gallery, two attendees of the Nicaragua Missions’s trip had the opportunity to share their testimonies. Emily Kaiser and I expressed just a few brief lessons that we learned during our time. I reflected on the time I saw “Jesus in a cup of water” and how something as small as bringing someone clean water allows people to hear the Gospel. Emily reflected on how working in the Social Work site impacted her life and continues to strengthen her bond with God.

Photo by Shannon Geary

Overall, Reflections of Nicaragua was a very successful GC event. I would like to congratulate and thank Fallyn and Kat for all of their hard work over the last month, as they allowed God to work in their lives and talents.


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