Campus Profile: Chris

Written by Jessie Polley. Media by Kelsey Neier.

Campus Spotlight:  Chris the Lunch Lady

Who do you know that smiles at everything no matter what is going on?  Who knows probably every student on campus by name?  Who does everyone look forward to seeing when they go to the DC to eat?  If you did not answer Chris to all of these questions, then you probably haven’t been to Greenville College in the past four years.

Chris the lunch lady
Chris smiles for a picture in the Dining Commons where she brightens each student’s day. Media by Kelsey Neier.

Chris is the lunch lady who scans our IDs.  She’s always in a cheerful mood, with a big smile on her face.  She asks students how they are doing, and when one of her regulars doesn’t show up to eat she has to make sure they are okay.  Chris doesn’t do all these things to get recognized though, it’s just who she is.  It is also for this very reason we chose her for our campus spotlight.


Chris is not only the lady who lets us eat, but she is a loving wife and caring mother.  She has two children, and says that she loves playing with them.  When she isn’t at work in the DC, she enjoys playing with her 13 year old, having a girls day out with her, and playing UNO.  Knowing how she treats each of the students who walk into the DC to eat, there is no doubt that Chris is an amazing, fun, caring, and loving mother.


How did she come to work at the Dinning Commons (DC), though, and why has she stayed so long?  (How long has she been here, even?)  Chris has been working at Greenville College for the past four years.  Before the college, though, she was a housekeeper at one of the hotels in Greenville for nine years.  The hotel was around where AgapeFest used to be held, and she always thought, “wow, that is so cool!  Those kids are great!”  Chris says now she is very protective of us (the students).  “Whenever someone says something about the college kids, I say ‘you leave my kids alone, now!’”


When asked how she stays so positive all the time, she shrugged her shoulders and shyly stated, “I’ve always been like that.”  If you come to work carrying with you all the bad things that happen, you “pass the crap on, and what good does that do?  It’s not your [the students] fault.”  Her motto is to keep smiling, and said “God will be on your side.”  As you can imagine, her favorite part of the job is being in contact with us [the students].  She loves it!  She said she doesn’t know where she would be if it weren’t for the students.  Not only has Chris made an impact on the lives of many students who come through Greenville College, but she said we have made an impact on her, too.  “It’s amazing,” she said.  Her job means so much to her.


In what way have the students impacted Chris’ life?  Simply by asking her how she is doing.  “You guys treat me better than my own kids,” she exclaimed with a little laugh.  What is her favorite color, and other tidbits to know Chris more?  She loves the color purple, and she always tries to be a good person.  She loves the students, and wants them to know “if there is anything I could do for you guys, I would do it.  I’m a mother hen!”


It’s the little things people do that seem to make the biggest impact.  Whether it’s a simple smile from a lady taking your ID card, or asking someone how they are doing.  The little things we don’t think about, touch the lives of those around us, and we should never take them for granted.  Chris, the lady who always smiles, knows everyone by name, and cares about all of us.  This is why the spotlight was cast upon you.  To show our gratitude and love.



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