Majora’s Mask 3D

The games box art. Source:


Written by: Logan Welliver. Media by: Charley Phillips.


It’s here, it’s finally here. After years of speculation since the release of Ocarina of Time 3D for the 3DS, fans have been raving for Majora’s Mask. So after all this time, Legend of Zelda fans are getting exactly what they have been clamoring for. At last, the Skull Kid graces the screens of another Nintendo console once again.

Assuming the role of Link in search for his dear friend, Navi, you find yourself in a mystical land, in the town of Clock Town, without a clue in the world of where you are. Will Link be able to find his friend Navi? Will he be able to defeat the evil that is afoot? And how the heck is he transforming into all these different shapes? I’ll let the trailer speak for itself.



Completely remastered in 3D, Majora’s Mask will take you on the journey of a lifetime in the land of Termina. If you’ve never played a Legend of Zelda game before, there couldn’t be a better place to start. The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask 3D releases in Spring 2015


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