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Graphic by Katie Wallace

Written by Caleb Hall. Media by Katie Wallace


Graphic by Katie Wallace
Graphic by Katie Wallace















Greenville College, our fine institution of learning, possesses an accolade far greater than its small student body would lead one to believe. In fact, even many larger colleges and universities lack this attribute. A sport which few consider to be in the realm of collegiate sports but retains appeal in many ways…through these reasons and more I can proudly and formally announce the Greenville College Bass Fishing Team.

Team Shirts
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First becoming a club last year, our fishermen have been practicing and competing ever since. The team and program as a whole has grown exponentially during the few shorts months of its existence and shows incredible promise for the years ahead. What with the abundance of ponds and lakes in the immediate area available to fish, our guys take every opportunity they can to get out on the water. Needless to say the members of the fishing team are as skilled in their craft as any athlete, employing the newest equipment and techniques whenever possible. The team has grown this year, as many more students tried out to see if they too could count themselves among the members of the bass fishing club.


The current members are as follows; David Weyers, Trey Gibson, Ray Hingson, Daniel Ellenburg, Joey Seabaugh, Cody Brumfield, and Dominic Goggin.

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The team getting ready for the Homecoming parade
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Coached by our very own tech wizard, the Media Resources guru Anthony Macon, the team is in very good hands. He is a solid fisherman with years of experience and a love for the sport which few possess. All tournaments are fished by pairs. Pairings from last year included Ray Hingsonand, Daniel Ellenburg, and the duo of David Weyers and Trey Gibson. The team participated in two tournaments at Carlyle last year, competing against more than fifty other schools, including many D1 universities such as Ohio State, SUI, and others from across the region. Placing extraordinarily well for a start-up team, the bass team placed 8th in this year’s McKendree Open tournament. A new boat was recently acquired for the team through funds given by alumni, board members,and various other outlets such as GCSA.


Source: Greenville College Bass Team Facebook Page
Showing off their new endorsement from Lew’s!
Source: Facebook

Picking up their first sponsor, the major fishing industry company Lews is now backing our very own team. They provide discounts for fishing equipment and are a definitive sign that the GC bass team is very much here to stay. Fishing may not be the first sport to jump to mind in the collegiate world, but it has the distinction of being the only one in which winning teams receive cash prizes. While many college teams have been set and running for years, the GC team is right there in the midst of long-time giants, holding our own. A young team, but certainly standing out in comparison to neighboring schools. No matter what may come in this fishing season and the next, one thing is abundantly clear: The Greenville Bass Team is here to stay.


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