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Greenville Showcase

created by Thai Le, James Quach, Jane Nguyen This video is a showcase for Greenville University and Digital Media. Using a lot of cool shots,...

What did the DC do Wrong?

By: Yuena Tong, Dustin Konvalinka, Hanbo Yi https://youtu.be/uCzJsYduGgI

Get To Know The New Clinic On Campus

Just in case nobody has noticed, there's a new clinic on campus. Don't worry, there are quite a few people just learning about this....

GU Campus: The Great Partner in High-End Photo Shoots

Greenville University is an optimal option to refresh Instagram or Facebook by providing photo lovers with stunning and fashionable backgrounds. There are particular places...

Why are you at GU?

Take a listen to this interview with Tadi Ndoro, Claudio TreviƱo, Kyle Sunderland and Christian Fuentes! These GU students are sharing where they are...

GSGA Hosts Drive-In Event for Virtual Homecoming

2020 is constantly a whirlwind of changes, especially for Greenville University deciding to conduct face-to-face classes during the 2020 school year. GU has done...

Games and Play-Offs and Pizza! Oh My!

What better way to start off the weekend than with video games, basketball, and pizza? Campus has been a little quiet, so the Esports...

Q & A with President Dr. Ivan Filby

Before Spring Break and the COVID-19 outbreak in the US, the Papyrus had a chance to have an exclusive interview with Greenville University's President,...

Time Lapse Empty Campus + How’s Living On Campus Right Now?

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GhRO2fhwMNg Right now in Greenville, you'll only find a handful of students and staff. This time-lapse was filmed last Monday morning and I bet you'll...

ESports, Are they Affected by COVID-19?

https://youtu.be/souN3w8wMbs How does the COVID-19 outbreak affect Esports? I am here to break down how Esports have been affected by the virus. We also...