Why You Should Teach Your Children About the Easter Bunny


Written by Mary-Todd Christian. Media by Jack Wang.[divide]

During the time of Easter, it is certainly understood that our most important focus as Christians is the resurrection of Christ. This beautiful picture of salvation should never be ignored and should be taught to everyone, especially children. However, I don’t think there’s any harm in talking to your kids about the Easter Bunny either! “What?!” You may be saying,“That’s blasphemy!”. Before you start thinking I’m sacrilegious, please hear me out.

I definitely understand that some of us may have mixed feelings when it comes to the Easter Bunny. Many of us have fond memories of visits from “Sir Hop-A-Long,” and for others he was never mentioned. I’m not saying we should place our focus on the Easter Bunny over Christ or worship him, (VeggieTales The Bunny Song) but I don’t think there is anything wrong with making him a part of the Easter tradition. With that in mind, here are some reasons why you should teach your kids about the Easter Bunny!

  1. History Lessons and Chocolate

You can thank the Easter Bunny for the reason we have an abundance of chocolate during Easter. Well, actually, you can thank the Germans. After coming to America in the 1500s, German immigrants brought their Easter Bunny tradition and absolutely delectable chocolate along with them. The tradition also included the activity of collecting Easter eggs, which is an activity most every child has experienced during the Easter season! This is a great tidbit of information that most have probably never heard before. Teach this to your children, and they’ll be the smartest kids around come Good Friday!


2. Creating Memories 

Some of my favorite memories of Easter were waking up in the wee hours of the morning and finding that The Easter Bunny (**cough**Dad**cough**) left tiny Cadbury Chocolate Eggs around our house. I would search high and low for every egg until I located almost all of them, and then came the biggest surprise of all, my Easter basket! Who doesn’t love reminiscing and remembering those times?

3. Easter Bunny Pictures 

Some memories can only be preserved by way of pictures. The Easter season and the Easter Bunny give parents full permission to dress their kids up in frilly Easter frocks. By having the Easter Bunny as part of your Easter tradition, you can go to the mall and have your picture taken in your finest Easter outfit. This is a tangible timeline of terrified toddler pictures, and toothless grins that parents can enjoy in the years to come!

Source: www.smosh.com
Source: www.smosh.com

4. A Symbol of New Life

According to pre-13th century traditions, rabbits have always been a symbol of fertility. I know…you’re probably thinking that this became awkward very quickly. However, look at it this way instead: view the Easter Bunny as a symbol of new life! New life is exactly what we are given through Christ’s death and resurrection. I highly doubt you’ll find articles about the Easter Bunny in your McArthur Study Bible, but this is a simple and fun explanation for kids to understand the importance of Easter.

So this season, cut the rabbit some slack. Never forget the true meaning of Easter, which is Christ, but please eat some chocolate and have fun! Enjoy the memories you can create with the Easter Bunny tradition!


  1. I’m the mother of the twins in the mall Easter Bunny photo. Just curious how you ran across the photo? I clicked on the “source” smosh.com and couldn’t tell how it got shared. We do crack up every year when it shows up in our memories and are surprised to find it on your article here.


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