Homeschool vs. Public School

Written by: Juliana Bringer. Media by: Mary Todd Christian.


Homeschool versus public school is a debate in which we have probably all been in. I want to take a look at the pros and cons of both and then talk about my own experience. I went to public school all of my life. However, getting sick in my teens made me wish I were homeschooled.

Homeschool Pros:

1. Best for Chronic Illnesses
If you have a sickness which keeps you from going to school but doesn’t incapacitate your learning abilities or keep you from doing schoolwork, you shouldn’t be punished. This was one of the reasons I wanted to be homeschooled. I was constantly sick during my high school years.

2. Freedom
Parents can get a breath of air without having to schedule around school hours. The child is safe from bullies, peer pressure, etc. Parents can tailor the schooling schedule to meet their children’s needs, and children can have more choices on what to learn, and how they learn it.


3. Adequate Sleep and Rest
Being homeschooled can also optimize the hours of sleep the student gets. There’s no more early morning rush and stressful late night homework sessions. They can get the amount of sleep children need to be well rested.


Homeschool Cons:

1. Finances
Homeschooling can be a strain on the family’s finances. One parent usually doesn’t work, in order to stay home and teach the child. The parents must also buy and/or rent the books needed to teach.

2. Limited Interaction
There can be a limited interaction with other kids. While this is not always the case, it can be a problem for the child.

3. Scheduling and Structure
Sometimes the child doesn’t have good structure and the child can fall behind in the lessons and requirements the child needs in life. Sometimes homeschooling can cause the child to be lax in the schooling.

Now, let’s take a look at Public School…

Public School Pros:

1. Extracurricular Activities
The child can join after extracurricular activities. They can join sports teams, bands, etc. They have any easier access to these activities than homeschoolers do.

2. Certified Teachers
The teachers are certified, as is required by the states. Only in certain states required certification or other such requirement for homeschooling. Parents must have at least a high school diploma or G.E.D. to homeschool.

3. Engaging with Friends
Children and teens can make friends more readily because they are always surrounded by peers. While homeschoolers can make and keep friends too, it can be difficult finding a community outside of their homeschooling network.

4. The School is Responsible
The school can be held accountable when needed. If the school is slacking in anyway, actions can be taken to get back on track.





Public School Cons:

1. Choices are Limited
You may have to go to a specific school because of your district.

2. Program and Budget Cuts
Many programs can be cut when the school is underfunded. This can result in the student not  having access to the cut  programs they would benefit from.

3. Classes can be too big.
Classes can have too many students, which can lead to some students not getting enough of what they need to succeed. Sometimes there is not adequate interactions between students and their teacher(s).

4. Bullies!
A student being tormented by another is a common occurrence in public schools. Bullying can lead to many awful problems if left alone. Most schools have an anti-bully system but bullying can still slip through the cracks.

5. Falling Behind
If a student has an illness that keeps them from school, they can easily fall behind. I had personal experience with this when I was in high school. The school didn’t always work with me or couldn’t always work with me.

Looking at the information and statistics available has made me wish I were homeschooled at some point in my life. I was sick and I wanted to be homeschooled.  However, it wasn’t entirely possible because of certain circumstances. However, others have wished they could have gone to public school. According to sites like, homeschoolers supposedly do better. Their grades are higher and they exceeded the levels that public schools have. Being homeschooled doesn’t negatively affect students. Friends and peers I have talked to had experiences from all across the board, ranging from good to “just okay”. Even with all of these pros and cons for both, it truly depends on the family.



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