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Summer is a season for fun in the sun, listening to favorite songs with the windows down, and catching up on TV shows. Relaxing around the living room watching a marathon of your favorite shows can help you pass the time and make your summer a little more interesting. We can all get invested in a TV show for many reasons, like the drama and suspense. We love it all and it makes us come back for more. Now we are back at college, starting a new year of our life, as a freshman in a brand new school, or a senior with completely new roommates. In any situation, we somehow make time  in our busy schedules to watch our favorite shows. So, here is our Top Five Back to School TV Binge List. These Shows are here to help you relax and show you that new beginnings and new experiences aren’t so bad after all.

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#5 Gilmore Girls

The Gilmore Girls Pilot first aired in 2000 starring Lauren Graham and Alexis Biedel as a mother daughter duo. The two portray Lorelai Gilmore (Lauren Graham) and Rory Gilmore (Alexis Bledel). These women quickly became a force to be reckoned with on screen, showing a mother-daughter friendship can survive almost anything. Just like Greenville College transfers and our Class of 2019, the story begins with Rory starting at a new Prep school. Through out the show, Rory and her mother must face new challenges which unfolds the the story of who the Gilmore Girls really are.
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#4 Boy Meets World

We all remember growing up with Cory and watching him face the many challenges of growing up. Cory had his friends, family, teacher/ principle and professor Mr. Feeny to help him make the right decisions on his way to adulthood. In the beginning, he has to learn to accept the changes that come from growing up. This show will help you understand why life throws you a curve ball, while also showing you its okay to be friends with a Professor.

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#3 Marvels Agents of Shield

If you are looking for an  intense show, suspenseful, and full of action, Agents of Shield has it all. Marvel has really given its fans the whole experience with this show. Intertwined with its movies, Agents of Shield lets you see behind the scenes of the Marvel Universe, by allowing you an inside look at Shield’s best team. Beginning with a team thrown together by Shield’s Agent Coulson, these six main characters must learn what it means to be a team.

#2 Friends

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Friends will always be there for you when you need a laugh after a long day of tests, or just a stressful week. For longer than Boy Meets World, these main characters have been a house hold name. Whether they made us laugh when we were younger or older, Friends is one of the most popular dramatic comedies ever, showing us you can always depend on your friends. As GC Student Leah Janes says, “The journeys they go through are very reasonable journeys for a group of friends now-a-days.”

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#1 Parenthood

You may think this show has nothing to do with college, but college is all about the experiences of life. This show takes you through the lives of one family and allows you an inside look into how each member deals with the emotional weight of their lives. Brooke Miller tells us, “I love how they use real life situations and go through a daily routine in a big family. You get angles of how every different person feels. It is really emotional but by far my favorite TV show.” This show will teach you not to be afraid to lean on your family whether in college or at home.



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