KY Clerk Called a Religious Martyr for Protesting Same-Sex Marriage

Written by Roman Butler. [divide]

Kim Davis, a 49 year-old Rowan County clerk was released from a Kentucky jail on Tuesday Sept. 7, after being incarcerated for refusing a court order to issue marriage licenses to homosexual couples. A crowd stood outside cheering in support and waiting to hear from her as the clerk walked out of the jail in Grayson Kentucky.

Kim Davis
Kim Davis. Source:

Kim Davis said, “I just want to give God the glory. His people have rallied, and you are strong,” she told the crowd, “Keep pressing on” as her arms were proudly raised high.

Mat Staver, a representative of Davis and founder of Liberty Counsel stated, “Kim Davis cannot and will not violate her conscience.”

Kim Davis is an Apostolic Christian and says her religious beliefs prevent her from issuing marriage licenses to gay couples.

Mike Huckabee, a GOP presidential candidate and former Baptist minister is in support of Davis and shares, “She has shown more courage than any politician I know. She not only said something, she was willing to put her life at risk.”

A U.S District Judge David L. Bunning ordered Davis to be released because he was satisfied that five of Davis’s six deputies were doing their job and granting marriage licenses to homosexual couples. Bunning made it clear to Davis he would not take any disruptive behavior about the licensing or “that will be considered a violation of this order, and appropriate sanctions will be considered” says Bunning. Davis never agreed to these statements, but all of her deputies, except her son, were granting licenses.

An article by the LA Times states, “Davis has become a symbol for conservative Christians who oppose same-sex marriage. Those Christians are also a key voting bloc for the Republican presidential nomination, especially in the early voting states, including the Iowa caucuses and the Southern primaries.”

Kim Davis realeased from Kentucky Jail. Source:

Davis has also been compared to Martin Luther King Jr. and Rosa Parks. However, not everyone thinks of Davis’s actions as heroic, in fact some say it is completely inappropriate and offensive to compare her actions to those of King Jr. and Parks.

In an article in USA Today, they found a Facebook post by George Takei (actor in Star Trek) where he expressed his thoughts about the situation. He shared, “This woman is no hero to be celebrated. She broke her oath to uphold the Constitution and defied a court order so she could deny government services to couples who are legally entitled to be married. She is entitled to hold her religious beliefs, but not to hold those beliefs on others.”

Davis was expected to go back to work on Monday, Sept. 15 after taking some down time with her friends and family. Her representatives have not said whether Davis will be issuing licenses or not.



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