Bombings in Syria After ISIS Attack in Paris

Written by Roman Butler. Media by Andrea Martin. [divide]

Now that ISIS has claimed to be the reason for terror in Paris, Russia and France have decided to take a stand against ISIS. On Friday, November 13, a series of several terrorist attacks hit the Paris area with random shootings and suicide bombings. These acts of terror resulted in 129 lives lost and several hundred left in critical condition.

Image via USAToday
Image via USAToday

On October 31, just hours after ISIS took credit for bringing down the Russian airliner in Egypt killing 224 people, Russia hit Raqqa, the ISIS “capitol,” with several cruise missiles. Prior to the Russian bombings, French jets took out several ISIS buildings including a recruiting building for jihadists and a command center setting the target for the Russian bombings.

ISIS, also known as the Islamic State, took ownership for these horrific events and said the attacks were in retaliation to the Russian and French air raids that took place in Iraq and Syria. While France continues to recover from the most deadly terror attack since WWII, they formally requested the European Union for assistance in their fight against ISIS.

Russian President Vladimir Putin has responded to these acts of terror with force and has no intentions of letting up.

“Our air force’s military work in Syria must not simply be continued,” he said. “It must be intensified in such a way that the criminals understand that retribution is inevitable.”

Image via
Image via

On Tuesday [November 17], Russian long-range bombers and several cruise missiles targeted Raqqa, the Islamic state “capitol.” A separate French bombing also hit Raqqa, for a second time that day. Moscow and Paris are not currently coordinating their air strikes, but steps are being made for a global campaign in order to bring to light the terrible acts ISIS has committed.

French President Francois Hollande will be meeting with President Obama on Nov. 24, and two days later with Mr. Putin, to discuss a more concentrated plan of action against the Islamic State. An article from the Wall Street Journal said, “France, Russia and the U.S. moved beyond talk of cooperation and into the far more difficult realm of action.” There has been much controversy over the involvement of the U.S. and even some complaints that Washington has been too passive and slow to respond. A reporter from Fox News was told, “American military generals are also criticizing the country, saying the US has been slow to act and is holding back.” More information about the involvement of the U.S. will be released after France and the U.S. meet.



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