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Photo by Taylor Neal

Article by Josiah Mohr. Media by Taylor Neal.


Patrick Miller at Student Senate meeting
Photo by Taylor Neal

As a new semester begins, the Student Senate and GCSA are back to work improving the campus experience and enhancing the sense of community. The beginning of new ideas and the progression of pending proposals is under way, leading to a brighter future for our beloved campus. Last semester saw several proposals passed on to the administration, including ideas for a 24-hour open space on campus and an outdoor sports court. Our Dean of Students, Patrick Miller, brought news to Senate emphasizing how many of the higher-ups have responded positively to suggestions of the Senate. He also explained the many positive discussions he has had concerning both short-term and long-term solutions to the proposals.

The closest to implementation is the creation of a 24-hour open space for individual and group studying. Having been in the works for nearly a year, the administration is finally on-board with both a short-term solution and long-term strategy to meet such a need, potentially providing the Upper Union within a few weeks as a space to gather at all hours, day and night. It is also being envisioned as a future extension or remodeling of parts of the library, although access to the library proper would be limited to the standard operating hours. Both locations fulfill certain needs of the student body for a late night alternative to the dorms. This has been a frequent request from many busy GC students, providing them an easy, safe, and productive location to finish homework at any and all hours, allowing them to tailor their study times to their schedules. This space will be equipped with all the resources students may need to complete their work, including computers and printers.

Students speaking at student senate meeting
Photo by Taylor Neal

Quite opposite to the academic application of the 24-hour space is another feasible, yet difficult to finalize, plan to construct an outdoor athletic court, with access to a basketball hoop and other sports gear. After several productive conversations with sports authorities on campus, the only thing standing in the way of construction is the cost and location. Plenty of money will be needed to implement this in a quality version, but it could provide extra recreation space outside of the Rec Center that is generally monopolized by organized sports.

GCSA is also beginning to brainstorm many ideas for social and volunteer activities for the student body. One you can put on your schedule immediately that provides an opportunity for socialization and generosity is an event called Swing. The name gives quite a bit of information as to its nature. If you’ve ever wanted to learn swing dancing, this is definitely the event for you, providing a fun time for dancing, fellowship, and food, along with a silent auction benefitting charities, such as the Simple Room. So mark your calendars for Feb. 13 and RSVP your spot to have a great night of fun and food with your friends.

Things are just getting warmed up on campus so plan for many more activities and improvements to our campus’ operation. Remember to let your senate representative know if you have any ideas or concerns to bring up in a meeting. Feel free to attend a meeting yourself on Wednesday’s at 9:30 p.m. in Dietzman 102.


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