Fuller House

Written by Felicia Roach. Media by Courtney Murphy.


“Whatever happened to predictability? The milkman? The paperboy? Evening tv?” We don’t know, but what we do know is that Netflix is making every 90s kid’s dream come true. The “Full House” spin-off, “Fuller House”, began airing on Netflix on Feb. 26, 2016, and it’s awesome!


It’s been almost 21 years since we’ve last seen the Tanner family in action. The last episode of “Full House” aired May 23, 1995. There have been rumors of a spin-off for quite some time, and now that it’s here, most of the show’s old fans couldn’t be happier.


Original cast from Full House
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Fuller House” takes place in San Francisco, 29 years after the first episode of “Full House” aired in 1987. The story is about widowed DJ Fuller, formerly known as DJ Tanner, and her three children. After her husband, Tommy Fuller, was killed fighting a fire, DJ and her boys moved back into her childhood home. The characters in the first episode include the whole family, except for the youngest Tanner daughter, Michelle, who is building her fashion empire in New York. DJ’s best friend and neighbor, Kimmy Gibbler, and DJ’s ex-boyfriend, Steve, also makes appearances in the show. Viewers also meet a few new characters, like Ramona, Kimmy’s daughter, and DJ’s three sons: Jackson, Max, and Tommy Jr. The family is back together, and if that doesn’t warm your heart, well, “You’re in big trouble, mister,” because this hugging bunch is back and better than ever!

Scene from Fuller House's first episode
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In the first episode, everyone gathers for Danny Tanner and Rebecca Katsopolis’ going-away party, since hosts of everyone’s favorite talk show “Wake Up, San Francisco!” are moving to Los Angeles to host a national talk show. During the episode, the Tanner-Katsopolis families are ready to go their separate ways, but DJ is falling apart. She realizes that she cannot raise her three boys on her own. Of course, she doesn’t ask for help, but her family overhears her crying through the baby monitor. That’s when Stephanie, DJ’s middle sister, and Kimmy decide that they are going to move into the house with DJ to help her take care of her family. That’s definitely no surprise; it’s the Tanner family way to help each other out, and their love for one another will make you want to go home and hug your family.

First episode. Scene from Fuller House
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If you liked “Full House,” “Fuller House” is sure to bring a smile to your face. There are a few scenes that flashback to episodes of the original show, so if you weren’t already smiling, at least you will be filled with nostalgia while watching. Here are a few welcome spoiler alerts for anyone who hasn’t checked out the new show: Joey is still funny, Uncle Jesse hasn’t aged a bit, and Danny is still a neat freak. If you don’t like spin-offs, “Cut it out” and see what all of the hype is about. Laugh at the family’s crazy antics, then cry at the heart-warming moments, but most importantly, “Have mercy!” Stay tuned for the recently confirmed second season of “Fuller House” coming soon!


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