Will Golden State Reach 73 Wins?

Written and Media by: Alex Carie


Warriors win Game 6 of the first round of the 2013 playoffs over the Denver Nuggets at Oracle Arena.
Warriors win Game 6 of the first round of the 2013 playoffs over the Denver Nuggets at Oracle Arena. Image from ESPN.com

In 1995-96 the Chicago Bulls accomplished something that no team in NBA history had ever accomplished. They were able to win 70 basketball games and finished the season with a record-breaking 72-10 record.

The Chicago Bulls also started out that season with a 5-1 record, losing for the first time in their sixth game. The Golden State Warriors however, won their first 24 games this season to give them the best start to a NBA season in the history of the league. The Warriors are coming off of a 67-win season, which led to an eventual NBA championship.

Season Comparison
Season Comparison. Image from ESPN.com

The Golden State Warriors are currently 56-6. At the same point in the 1995-96 season the Bulls were at 55-7. Yes, the Warriors are on pace to beat the Bulls record. However, the Warriors will need to keep pace with an extremely difficult schedule to close out the season.  They still have to play the San Antonio Spurs three more times, and the Spurs have the NBA’s second-best record (53-9). They are also still scheduled to play the Portland Trailblazers two more times after Portland just beat them last week.

There are many records that this team could break, but the big one that everyone is talking about is the fact that they might be able to break the Bulls’ record of 72-10 in a NBA regular season. Along the way they might also break a few other records, and also have the ability to tie one record. The Warriors are currently siting at a 54-5 record, with a 25-0 record at home. If they continue to stay unbeaten at home, they will share a piece of the record for being unbeaten at home in a regular season.

Golden State Championship Win
Golden State Championship Win. Image from CBS.com

As the Golden State Warriors strive for the best NBA record of all time, we need to understand what this record could bring Golden State. It will not only give them one of the most impressive records to hold, but will give them home court advantage all throughout the playoffs. It will also mean that they are one of 18 teams to finish the season with over 65 wins. Of the 18 teams that finish over that mark, 14 went on to win the NBA finals. Records are nice and everyone would love to be a part of a record-setting team, but what this record means is so much more. This record means that they will be playing at a level of basketball that no team has ever been able to play at before.


Yes, the Warriors are on pace to break the record. The question is, can they keep this team healthy, and can they continue to play at this high of a level for the entire season against a difficult schedule?



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