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Written by Stephanie Rodriguez. Media by Riley Hannula.


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The Greenville Career Fair took place Wednesday in the Crum Rec Center from 10:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. The team working the fair asked students to dress professionally and take several copies of their resume to network. The GC Career Services department co-sponsored with the Greenville Chamber of Commerce obtaining 44 recruiters with a variety of jobs for students in different areas of study. Last year there were only 25 recruiters representing different organizations.

Planning for the Career Fair took a lot of preparation and the team worked consistently since late January. Communication major, Whitney Vitt, stated, “I was blessed with the opportunity to work under Kelli Pryor as her student assistant for Career Services in the Career Fair. We contacted businesses, went to other fairs, along with marketing to students and community members. We tried to make this as beneficial as possible for our students.”

The partnership between GC Career Services and the Chamber of Commerce was necessary to bring community members and Greenville College students together. Senior Communication major, Micheala Harris, worked with the Greenville Chamber of Commerce and commented, “I am the Greenville Chamber of Commerce tourism and public relations intern and I worked alongside Whitney Vitt and Kelli Pryor in the organizational process. I helped create our logo with Fallyn Paruleski, and I also did a lot of the social media while making press releases and PSAs to air on the WGRN 89.5 radio station reaching to community members. I was able to get in contact with companies, use skills I learned in my Public Relations class and learn what it takes to put on a career fair.”Full size

Some of the organizations and companies at the Career Fair were

Bond Broadcasting

Faith Baptist Church

Heartland Dental

Illinois Department of Natural Resources

Marquette Group

McKendree Universityfair

Mt. Vernon Police Department- Patrol Officer

Oakdale Christian Academy


SpringHill Camps

ReachGlobal Crisis Response

State Farm Insurance

United States Air Force

U.S. Army Healthcare Team

The team provided three workshops that students attended in the Athletic Office Conference Room. Veronica Ross, a retired GC Communication professor, presented the first workshop titled Interviewing Tips and she advised, “Take your time when answering a question. It is better to ask for a restatement or get clarification than answer incorrectly. Prepare an interviewing outfit that is always ready to go–pants, shirt, suit, dress, new shoes, new belt, etc. and never use it for anything else. You may need it at a moment’s notice. Finally, develop ten relevant questions you can ask the interviewer when requested of you.”

fairaaKaskaskia College Career Service Specialist, Wendy Blythe, offered the Job Application and Resume Writing workshop as well as the Job Hunting workshop. Senior Rachel Renshaw attended the Interviewing Tips and Job Hunting workshops. She stated, “While I was in the workshops, I realized how helpful the information they were giving me was. The speakers were so intelligent on the processes of interviewing and job searching and more than willing to help beyond the workshops. I feel so much more prepared to take the necessary steps towards my career once I graduate.”

Students had an opportunity to fill out a survey to provide feedback for the event planners while at the fair. Harris stated, “After talking to many students and vendors, the day went smoothly and the vendors were impressed by the students of Greenville College. Most students were impressed by the number and variety of vendors!”

The Career Fair was a complete success. If you weren’t able to attend, contact Coordinator of the Career Services, Kelli Pryor, if you have any questions.



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