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What’s Next After Graduation, Seniors?

Graduation is just around the corner. Seniors all over the Greenville University campus are excited, sad, and eager to get out into the “real...

The Little Things

Written by Whitney Nichols. As a little kid, we always dream about what our future will look like for us once we grow up. For...

After Graduating

Written by Allison Perry. Media by Kelsey Middleton. The first time someone asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up, I was...

Career Fair Success

Written by Stephanie Rodriguez. Media by Riley Hannula.   The Greenville Career Fair took place Wednesday in the Crum Rec Center from 10:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m....

It’s a Major Decision

Written by Lauren Buser. Media by Baylen Whitfield. Almost always, freshmen come into college and find it's not quite what they expected. The students...

Greenville Alumni Pretends To Have It All Figured Out, Doesn’t

I loved every bit of my time at Greenville College. Even the parts that I hated, I loved. It feels like just yesterday that I was staying up until 3 AM for no good reason and then skipping my morning classes... Kidding, of course! I was always the model student. Just ask Deloy Cole, he’ll vouch for me. I know, it's really only just begun, but life after college has been a crazy ride so far with plenty of highs and lows. As stressful as the ride is, it’s all been worth it in the end (you know...so far).

Beyond the Bachelor’s – Meagan Gunn

Sometimes it’s hard to believe that I haven’t even been out of college for a year. Twelve months ago, I was stressing about essays and balancing good grades, sleep, and a social life. Now, I feel as though all I do is sleep, work, stalk Facebook, and repeat. I think part of my frustration comes from the fact that I went through several huge life changes all at once, and now everyday life feels sort of—well, mundane and monotonous.

Minimum Wage

According to the National Conference of State Legislatures, the federal minimum wage is $7.25 an hour. Illinois’ is $8.25 an hour, which is higher than higher than a lot of the states, but Washington is ahead, the minimum wage being $9.19 an hour! Of course it would be great to get paid almost $10 an hour, but I honestly feel that Illinois’ minimum wage is not bad at all, not saying it is great and should never consider changing. But after looking at Wyoming’s minimum wage, $5.15 an hour, Illinois does not seem so bad! And most of the states have similar minimum wages.

GC Speaks: Internships

Being an intern isn’t easy, I’m sure! No, I’ve never been one before, but I would feel if I’m highly qualified to do work and if there’s a lot demanded of me, it’s considered a job. People who have jobs/careers should get paid for the work they do, so that means interns should be given money. It’s unfortunate that many American corporations don’t pay their interns for all their hard work, so yes they are taking advantage of them! (See: Unpaid Interns) Of course, just the experience of working with these companies can be great, but let’s face it, money and experience would be better!

Government Involvement

Written by Casey Christianson. When it comes to government involvement in the economy, many politicians disagree on what the correct approach is. Some believe that...