Heart and Soul of GC Football

Written and Media by John Dudley. [divide]

Image from greenville.edu
Image from greenville.edu

Greenville College Football is unique with its rare form of offense and gritty defense. We caught up with Greenville College’s Defensive Coordinator Trent Laune in this sit-down interview. Since Coach Laune has taken over as head of the defense in 2013, the same year Head Coach Robbie Schomaker took over the program, the defense has been the heart and soul of the team. The GC Football defense is full of returning veterans for the 2016 season, with the likes of Nick Morrow, Cory Snyder, and Kasey Richardson. These players look to lead the charge in the Upper Midwest Athletic Conference (UMAC) in the fall and compete for a conference title. The key to success for the Panthers in 2016 looks to be a veteran core of seniors that are hungry to stake their claim as champions of the UMAC.


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