The Joyous Chaos Spring 2017 Show

Media by Mitch Thompson

On March 31st of 2017, The Joyous Chaos (Catastrophic Hilarity At Others Stupidity) presented a live Improv show at the Ladue Auditorium at 9:30pm. The Auditorium had a full house that night filled with Greenville College kids. This show included some great family freindly entertainment that anyone could watch. the 2016-2017 Joyous Chaos Team includes Roman Butler, Mikhaela Romoser, Eddie Allison, Justin Langley, Austin Simmons, Jason “Skippy” Borntrager, Jacob Gooden, Bryson Davis, Tristin Campbell, Noah Kneer, Johnny Hinton, and Logan Murphy.

In case you missed it you can view it here!


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