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Written by Mary Krauss. Media by Ethan Maurer

Believe it or not, there was life before you were born. In fact, many things hold a greater historical significance than you might realize. Here’s something you may know: Greenville University was first established in 1892. Something you may not know, however, is that in 1856 construction started on a building that would soon house student dorms, offices for professors, music rooms, a dining commons, a reading room, and would be connected to Marston Hall by a tunnel. The building was built at the front of campus next to the Greenville sign and was soon given the name “Old Main,” though it is now known as Hogue Hall. The building was the center of activity for 151 years. Just recently, in 2007, the college was made aware that the building had structural issues. Greenville tried rebuilding Hogue Hall but was unable to work around the structural issues. Hogue Hall was unfortunately torn down the next summer. The building was a historic and architectural interest. Because of those two factors, many people were married on the front steps of the building and events were held there throughout the years. It was a building that everyone truly loved and the decision to tear it down wasn’t taken lightly.


Hogue Tower. Photo by Mary Krauss.

Located near the Greenville University sign, a new bell tower was erected this summer, and it was named Hogue Tower in honor of the building that once stood in its place. Though it is not the same as the building which held historic significance, it is representationally significant. Many new students do not know the history behind this tower; however, some of the faculty, staff, and alumni could tell you what it represents. To have the tower stand where the hall once did is important to these people since it is in memory of one of the first buildings of Greenville College.[divide]

Hogue Hall. Photo by Mary Krauss.

The tower is definitely not loved by everyone at Greenville University, but there aren’t many things that everyone agrees on or favors. However, to those that do love this tower, it holds significance and importance and should, therefore, be respected. Many things on campus and even in the city of Greenville hold greater significance than you realize. I encourage you to take time to look around and appreciate that history that you walk by everyday.[divide]

Art on the streets of Greenville.
Source: Biking Illinois.

In Music History, one of the common assignments to be given is one where each student must go in search of as many pieces of art around the campus and town of Greenville as he or she can find. This assignment is not just to help each student recognize common art pieces that can be overlooked, but also to make people aware of the significance and meaning of these things. With every new generation, a little bit of history can be lost. It is crucial that we, the next generation, respect the art and history around us. It is the very foundation for where we are now, and thanks to it, we are better off.


  1. Thank you for this article and the statement about the next generation respecting the art and history around us. Hogue Hall had great significance in my life. I got to know a student there in Shakespeare class, and she’s now my wife. I was saddened by the demolition, but I love the new tower.


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