Happy 125th GU!

Celebrating the transition to Greenville University Photo by Kieshaun Young-Jones

Written by Kieshaun Young-Jones. Media by Ethan Maurer.

Hogue Tower
Photo by Bobby Neal

Cheers to the last 125 years and status transition that Greenville University celebrated last week. On Wednesday, September 20 GU had a non-instructional day where students, faculty, and community members were welcomed to participate in a warming celebration. The day started off around 8:00 am with a dedication to the Hogue Memorial Tower, which was held on the front lawn. The tower is located in between the Student Union and Marston Hall.  

After the dedication, there were other activities such as chapel, reception, and lectures. For lunch, individuals were offered boxed meals. After the luncheon was over, a speech was given by W. Richard Stephens regarding the first 125 years that Greenville has been a college. Following the speech about the past, a speech regarding the future which was given by President Ivan L. Filby. The day was all about learning how much the school had grown and acknowledging the changes that were being made to the institution.

A little Greenville history with an old picture of W. Richard Stephens. Photo by Bobby Neal

Around 5:15 more activities were offered and more students started to get involved. Individuals were welcome to receive a free T-shirt on Scott Field in exchange for participation in a group photo. Everyone who attended put on their new shirts and squeezed together to form a GU that would be photographed with a drone. The crowd can agree on one thing; it was hot! Regardless, it was a fun opportunity to come together, capture moments, and make new memories with one another. Individuals stood side by side, looked up, and even raised their hands for the drone. In one of the pictures, you could even see a couple of students getting picked up, as if they were crowd surfing, and waving to the camera. The GU’s men’s basketball team even threw up the famous hand gesture that insinuates a 3 pointer.

Beautiful fireworks to end an incredible day of celebration!
Photo by Bobby Neal

When the pictures were finished, students, staff, and family made their way down to the football field where the University’s marching band welcomed the incoming crowd. The lines were long, but that was okay because it gave people time to talk and laugh. Following the meal and conversation, the night ended with some glow sticks and a good amount of fireworks! It was a wonderful way to end the day, and almost everyone agreed that the fireworks were awesome!

Chasity Cook was able to give me her personal opinion of the celebration. She said,

“The 125th convocation was an exhilarating experience. I was fortunate enough to be a part of the choir that sang for the anniversary, and we had to be on stage at 7:45 am so that was a stretch, but it was worth it. We did good for being up so early. I enjoyed the speech by GSGA president, Maci Sepp, and her joke about a Burritt memorial coming in the future. The food was good; the apple cider was a pleasant surprise. Also, I think that the pursuit team that played did a wonderful job leading worship. My heart swells with pride when we can come together as a community and appreciate and pass on the legacy that is Greenville College.”

I can’t wait to see what the future will bring while we move forward as Greenville University. I believe this day was a great way to celebrate 125 years and am thankful to have been a part of such an incredible experience.


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