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Mosaic Photo by: Mosaic

Written by Paige Stanley. Media by Allyson Mitchell.

There is an awesome organization at Greenville University that the public does not hear enough about. That organization is called Mosaic. Mosaic is the diversity group on campus. Their purpose is to discuss racial issues at GU or across America. Through this, they hope to create an inviting community to students of many different ethnicities and backgrounds. The group meets twice a month to discuss events going on and sometimes even prays over them. Kat Westbrook who is a member of Mosaic, says that “It’s important to Mosaic that there is a place that students can go to and be heard and be valued.”

Mosaic Leaders. Photo by: Pedro Valentin

Another student, Dani Pearce, has a huge passion for this group.  She started going to meetings as a freshman and thought it was cool that they were specifically advocating diversity. Sophomore year, she realized she really wanted to get involved, especially when the kneeling/standing controversy went on in relation to the national anthem. Mosaic opened up panels and discussions over this topic and expanded many new perspectives for a lot of individuals. Now Pearce is Chaplin behind Ambar Escoto, the group’s president. Pearce says, “I’m very honored to be a part of the leadership of this group and to help the fruit of its intentions to blossom.” These are both very well-respected women who bring a lot to the table, as do the other members involved in Mosaic.

St. Louis Prep 9th graders listening to Mosaic
Photo by: Mosaic

Mosaic is planning a night to run a documentary at Greenville’s movie theatre, The Globe. No news as to what will be showing, but students can always expect something good and plan on not being disappointed. Mosaic will also be holding a prayer night for the whole campus. There will be biblical praying over nations, world events, and people groups.

You might have recently attended Greenville’s annual Grill & Chill. This is an event put on in part by Mosaic and part by GSGA. The occasion is held at Scott Field and lasts from around five until sundown. It is considered a student favorite for many. There is music, games, a slip n slide, bounce houses, food and more. Students, faculty, and even their families come together for a time to hang out and fellowship together.

Over two hundred students came out to the most recent Grill & Chill. With this many people on such a small field, it was easy to make new friends. Not only were students interacting with other students, but some of the faculty’s children got involved in the fun too. Christian Gomez, who is a sophomore at GU said that “I had a fun time hanging out with friends and meeting new people. The food was great, and the live music was awesome.” This is the response most had toward the event if they chose to attend. Mosaic takes pride in the way Grill and Chill helped unify the campus and is looking forward to more events of the like.

Grill & Chill
Photo by: GSGA

Come to a meeting for Mosaic and see if you are interested in it. It does not hurt to try new things, and this group makes a big difference on campus and even in the world of today! Individuals like Pearce, who dove in and got really involved, are a great example of what other’s experiences can look like too. Don’t be afraid to start with this small step; it often only takes one move to make a big difference.


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