VP Talk With Edwin Estevez

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Written by Kaylie Weideman. Media by Momoka Murata.

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Edwin Estevez is the Senior Vice President and Chief Operating Officer at Greenville University. His office is located in the Joy Admissions House on campus. His role at GU has been extremely instrumental, especially considering the journey he took to get here. He was introduced to the college via Greenville students who visited his homeland, and since hearing about the school, Estevez has served the institution for the past nine years!

In 1917, Greenville students were going on mission trips to the city of Santiago in the Dominican Republic to study Spanish for two months. In 1925, students began construction of Taylor University in Santiago where both sets of Estevez’s grandparents worked. His mother also served as the Director of the University at the time.

Image of Dr. Estevez
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Estevez wanted to be a part of Greenville College’s community when he saw the students’ love and passion for the college and their studies. For 30 years, Greenville students traveled to the Dominican to learn more about the culture and the beautiful island they had fallen so in love with.

Estevez came to the United States when he was a 16-year-old freshman and attended a high school in Lawrence, Massachusetts. In 1994, he came to Greenville College as a student. From student status, to now Senior Vice President, he has put a lot of time and knowledge into the institution. He along with his wife, Jessica, and their two children, aged 13 and 16, live in Greenville. His brother, Ivan, also lives in Greenville and is a Spanish teacher at the High School as well as an Assistant Volleyball coach.

Family traditions and Dominican culture have stayed with Estevez throughout all of his travels across the United States and beyond. His favorite dish is a mix of rice, beans, meat, and fried plantains. His most-treasured family tradition, however, is a Dominican meal called “Sancocho,” which is a beef stew with plantains and other vegetables! Since he came to the U.S. so many years ago, he has grown to love American football and the New England Patriots. He also has become a huge Boston Red Sox fan after traveling to the East Coast so many times!

Joy House, where his office is located
Photo by Momoka M

Estevez’s connection with Greenville University has helped him grow in his relationship with God. He said, “Everything comes from Him; His mercy and His love is the most prominent gift I, or anyone, can receive.” God has helped Estevez through all areas of his life, and in particular his marriage and parenting. Estevez continues to remind himself and others that it is only through Christ that he was able to come to the school. When he speaks, you can get a sense of how beyond blessed he feels to have had such incredible experiences and opportunities. From living in the Dominican Republic to currently residing in Greenville IL, Estevez boldly contends that God has been by his side through it all!



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