From CA to GU

Written by Isiah Price. Media by Joseph Wood.

Going for a shot. Source: Isiah Price.

“For myself, I saw it differently than what other people may think of Stockton, California,” said Adam Warren, a Greenville University junior. “It may seem like a state of sunshine and paradise, but growing up it taught me many things about life that changed my views. I lived in a city were gang violence and poverty where a huge deal… A city that became more diverse throughout neighborhoods and schools. It was a strive for me every day to be successful… It was always ups and downs that I had to conquer to be on the right track.”

Coming to small town Greenville, Illinois was a huge upside for Adam Warren, who is now a member of the men’s basketball team at Greenville University.

Warren is a transfer junior from Stockton, California, where he attended McNair High School. He said, “Growing up in Stockton was way different than Greenville. The culture of Greenville was a huge change from Stockton. It was much harder in Stockton because of the city streets and neighborhoods I lived next to. You really had to focus on what you wanted to pursue in life and not get distracted by the negative aspects.”

Warren, who studies Business and Marketing, believes school has played an important role in his journey. “My first week of school here at Greenville was a shock for me because chapel didn’t take place in the school that I came from,” Warren said, “Even though we didn’t have chapel at my school, I like attending it here because it made me value things differently.”

Hitting the books and studying. Source: Isiah Price

Living in Greenville has also changed Warren’s views of everyday life. He said, “It’s not as easy getting a way to local shopping centers and malls. It’s way farther than you think. Living in Stockton, I could literally walk up the street to go shopping to buy clothes.”

Coming to Greenville University is a big change for most people when they move from different states. It is a way of learning and experiencing different things from various people. Many love having the opportunity to travel to a state they have not been to before, especially Warren. “Coming out here from California, I like it because I get to focus on school and basketball. My degree is important in my life. Pursuing this is going to accomplish one of my goals in life. I’m the first in my family to ever graduate high school and to be in college. I’m determined to get my degree at Greenville University,” he shared.

Moving away from home can be a great way for people to experience new things. The culture at Greenville University allows students to continue on a new journey after college. If you come from a long way off or know someone who does, continue to find joy in the differences that sets GU apart!


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