A Spooky Night in Greenville

GU Band and Cheer Team getting ready for the Haunted House. Source: Greenville University Bands

Written by Paige Stanley. Media by Ethan Maurer.

Getting makeup ready for The Haunted House
Source: Greenville University Bands

Nothing screams fall more than bonfires, haunted houses, and root beer kegs. Recently, GSGA put on the first annual Oktoberfest, and it was a huge hit. The GU band and cheerleaders also put on a haunted house for everyone. Oktoberfest had rows of food such as brats and makings to fix s’mores. The biggest hit of the night was the root beer kegs. Live music was also performed by the famous Trey Brockman and SideQuest. You could hear the great music all throughout the campus. The haunted house was in Whitlock Music Center. It is not quite Halloween season without a frightening haunted house, and that is exactly what we got. It can be hard at times to pull off a good haunted house, but our band and cheerleaders made it look easy. It was a great atmosphere for a chilly October night.

Students Allyson Mitchell, Marjory Coates, Laura Goodnight, Lexi Simmons, and Jantzen Michael enjoying the fire with good friends.
Photo: Ethan Maurer

Freshman Sarah Burgener attended Oktoberfest and had a great time. “It was super cold, but the food was good. The bonfire and atmosphere [was] really cute and homey.” Burgener and her friends really liked the live music that was performed throughout the night. She explained she enjoyed this aspect “because it made it really chill and it was fun to hear some talented people here at GU.”

Edgar Bueno agreed with a lot of what Sarah said. “There was this very chill atmosphere and it wasn’t just because of the weather.” Almost everyone loved the vibe of the event. It was meant to be as cozy as possible; so, with a fire and some Christmas lights, GSGA’s goal was clearly met. “The fire was my favorite part,” says Bueno. “It provided warmth, snacks, and something cool to look at.”

Sam Barnhart also had a few comments to add in as well. She says, “It was really intimate because we had it in a tight space in the quad, so everyone gathered closely around the fire, and the Christmas lights really set the mood.” Events like this are made for fellowship. This is why Greenville University is known for being such a loving community. People get out of their comfort zone to just come hang out and make new friends while enjoying some root beer and s’mores.

GU Band and Cheer Team getting ready for the Haunted House.
Source: Greenville University Bands

CJ Falls was involved in the making of the haunted house and had a blast putting it on. When asked how it went, his response was, “It went well. We made a few kids cry, so that’s a success. It was a fun time.” To get into the haunted house, you had to buy a ticket which helped fundraise money for the Simple Room. The Simple Room is an organization in that works with kids. According to their website, “The Simple Room transforms youth by facilitating Christ-centered programming for spiritual, physical, mental, and social development in efforts to empower youth to positively engage their community.” This organization changes kid’s lives, so small fundraisers like this go a long way.

Source: GSGA

Oktoberfest was a huge success and should be for years to come. If you could not make it this year, be sure to come out to more GSGA events in the future. They are always a good time!


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