Sports Profile: Tywon Bender

Written and Media by Sara Dawson.

Tywon Bender showing his love for cheer. Source: Sara Dawson

Tywon Bender is a Greenville University football player and cheerleader. Bender is a 21-year-old senior from Kankakee, Ill. He graduated from Kankakee High School in 2014. Bender has been playing football 18 years, and this will be his second year cheerleading. His major is Sports Management with a minor in Business.

Regarding his future plans, Bender said, “When I graduate I plan on applying to work full time with the Chicago Bears in Public Relations. I have been blessed the last eight years working alongside them doing various tasks and NFL play 60 Camps.”

Bender added,

“Growing up I have been blessed to have a cousin who played for the Indianapolis Colts. Every year he returns home to Kankakee, Illinois, where he puts on a football camp for free that allows kids to come out and learn valuable life skills. For eight years I attended the camp, until my freshman year of college. Now I go back to help coach. My whole life I have had a passion for wanting to coach kids and show them [there’s] more to life than sports. Every day I continue to thank God for the opportunity to be a better man because not many people get the things I have been blessed with at my age. One day I hope to open up a sports facility and cheer clinic for young boys and girls to have a way to break free and have the best opportunities in life.”

Bender is involved with several organizations around campus, including Mosaic: Multicultural Student Association, Greenville University Senate (representative), SAAC: Student-Athlete Advisory Committee (Vice President of Gameday Promotions). On top of that, he mentioned, “I have been on Dean’s List three years straight, currently have a 3.75 GPA, and was one of few students selected to represent Greenville University out of thousands across the world to receive the “2017 Who’s Who Among Students in American Universities And Colleges Award.”


Tywon Bender holding a football. Source: Sara Dawson

High School Sports Career 

Bender played baseball for four years in high school, and during his junior and senior years, he won All-Conference in baseball. He won All-Conference his senior year in football and also was selected for the Illinois All-American Bowl. He also won Sportsmanship of the Year Award his senior year.






Tywon Bender enjoying cheer. Source: Sara Dawson

College Sports Career

Bender has been playing football here at Greenville and is on Greenville University ’s Football Leadership Team.While cheering here at Greenville he has won a Stuntman of the Year Award.

Bender stated,

“Another big moment for me was winning a Grand National Championship with Greenville University Cheer. For me, it was special because I never had another family to depend on besides the 100 plus guys on the football team. I was able to build relationships with people I can carry forever and always look back to for a laugh. Being a part of  a group with a lot of women, you learn to adjust real quick and pick up a sense of protection for them. I gained a lot of sisters and they have really changed my life. The final thing I’m thankful for is being a part of  the Biblical Football Program. I have learned what it means to be an EMAP man and living to change lives. In life, we have to understand love is a cornerstone and everyone needs it. I have grown to put others before myself and become a better stewart of God through my work ethic and love for sports and service to my community.”

Tywon Bender is doing great things around campus–make sure to keep watching for what else he does!


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